Monday, February 9, 2009

Must Be The Moon

She spent Friday with Daddy G most of the day running errands and buying Valentine presents for me, Papa and Monya. She was able to contain herself once she came home. Usually all the over stimulation that comes with an outing with G sends her over the edge. She got right to her chores with a happy go lucky attitude. Finished most of her Saturday chores Friday evening. Woo hoo!

Saturday at the lake she started with the triangulation, spotted it, changed it up and confessed to G what she was trying to do. Then congratulated G for changing it up too.

It has been a challenging day. Miss Grumpy Pants has been in residence. Maybe she's changing it from Tuesday to Monday now in which case this will mean (hopefully) that tomorrow will be fabulous. Everything has been a frustration for her today which is another reason she didn't blog today. She's taking a salt bath now and there will be Reiki afterwards. Nothing over the top just cranky. I have taken the opportunity to make labels for most of the black cords that live in the black cord hole.

Must be the full moon.....

75 degrees today. Windows open filling the house with clean, fresh, pollen-free air.

P.S. The GI works on babies to ancients like me and it's not specific for RAD. It's for any trauma events. Including alcoholism, rape, car accidents, domestic abuse, etc. Many different ones to choose from. See...if I write it in a really small font it doesn't count that I mentioned it again. ;-)


Kristina P. said...

I hope you have a better day tomorrow, Lisa!

Torina said...

Did you see there is a follower called "evil social worker"? Ah ha ha ha ha ha. That is hilarious! I wish they would visit my blog :( I have a penchant for evil social workers :) Totally kidding. But really, evil social worker, visit my blog. Kristina, is that actually a pseudonym for you???

Anyhoo, when Tara has grumpypants (which we actually call "crabbypants" at our house) I like to dance around and hitch up my pants. I shake my butt a little, too, and talk about what it must be like to wear "crabbypants". Picture me dancing like a drunk Russian. Hopefully, J will put on a different pair of pants tomorrow ;)

Christa said...

No fair that you get to have 75 degree weather. There's snow in the forecast here.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

omg, what can I follow Torina with? Butt shaking crabby dancing?
Wow, I have nothing.

Jo said...

She amazes me, truly amazes me. She is becoming so concious of her behaviors and owning them. Incredible. I know it is hard work, and I imagine she just has days when it seems like too much work. You are the best mom.