Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Favorite Day of the Week

This will come as no surprise that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. Therapy, sweet therapy. We came up with a plan to give J Reiki on Monday nights and switch down to 2nd grade work on Tuesday. Tuesday seems to be a day that J gets frustrated. Since she has moved to 3rd grade in every subject except math and is now actually being a little challenged she is getting a little frustrated with the challenges. So thanks to Time4Learning she can move up to 4th grade or down to 2nd grade with the simple click of a button. I think we'll re-visit some lessons in 2nd grade on Tuesday's just to alleviate some stress for her.

When she is getting frustrated she is supposed to change her inner dialogue to "I'm not stupid, I just made a mistake" since she is such a perfectionist. We also explored some past trauma issues to gauge her response. She totally nailed it. She never dissociated and stayed totally focused the entire time. The AT & I were both impressed. The sister issue was also addressed and she did extremely well.

She's up to 25 books a week at the library! Four were devoured before the AT appointment today. She will always carry a book around with her to keep herself amused. She is so me. I lived in books as a kid. My newest favorite author is Mary Kay Andrews, "Hissy Fit". Hysterical book and it had me laughing out loud. It is pee your pants funny so check it out! Today I had to venture out with another one of her books. This weekend I will make time to read, Savannah Breeze. I couldn't help myself and started reading it while waiting on J to pick out all her books and it has me hook line and sinker already. Just finished, The Shack, and CJ, you were right. Excellent book.

Tomorrow J has a dentist appointment. Maybe they'll pull the tooth that has been loose for 8 months. At the last appointment they told her to keep wiggling it and it would fall out. She doesn't want the hole. I don't blame her. I hated the dreaded "hole" too. Yuck. Although I don't think the dentist could appreciate how far she has come. When J first moved home she would take a perfectly attached tooth that hadn't even started getting wiggly and jerk it out of her mouth just to see my shocked expression. Thank goodness she's past that stage now or she'd have a mouth full of dentures by 12. ;-)


Torina said...

I hope changing it up helps J!

Jillene said...

Wednesdays are a good day (at least every other one in my case). And the books....GOOD FOR J!!

Kelly said...

Oh how I wish my kids loved books like I do. There is still hope for them though because I hated to read until about 10 years ago. So neat she loves to read that much. Does reading help her escape from her past? (When I read I am part of the book :) )

Kristina P. said...

I used to be such a voracious reader! I think that's so great she loves books so much!

Christa said...

I think Wednesday is my favorite day of the week too. It's garbage day, the school week is half over and my husband goes out to play basketball until the wee hours of the morning. Leaving me all alone to enjoy the quiet.

Whoa! 25 books a week. Good for her.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Genea does the same thing with her teeth. Since she lost the bottom 2 six months ago, she has been wiggling the top ones trying to find the next to fall out. Ick!

Alyssa's Mom said...

Hi Lisa!

I am back and very glad to read that everything is going so well!

We have had a hellish couple of months but am glad to report that things are finally getting better.

I am going to check out J's blog.

I missed you,

Hannah_Rae said...

Hi! I haven't spoken up in a while, so HI!!!

I'm glad that you have figured out a routine that is flexible enough to change things around when J needs it. That's awesome.

I love The Shack. I downloaded the audio book version, and it was soooo worth it. I'm an audial learner, so hearing Papa talk was such a blessing to my heart.

I may be e-mailing you soon. We have a meeting with Anna's "team" on Wednesday, and there are some tough decisions that need to be made.


Holly said...

Glad you are able to mix things up to make things work better for her. Also so happy to hear she's loving reading. I love to read to, such a nice escape.

Jo said...

I LOVE to read. You and J are my kindred spirits. I am never far from one of my books. Good idea with finding things that are less frustrating for her on Tues. Do you think it would help for her to have something to do on Tues that she really enjoys, like art or something? Just a thought.