Thursday, May 3, 2012


One of the most incredible evenings.  E.V.E.R.

Brad gets our lives and is a champion for us.  Powerful stuff this evening.  Knowing so many of my friends were on the line with us was priceless.

The grass on my side of the fence is greener tonight.  Because I chose to fertilize my side of pasture.

The session was recorded.  Keep checking back.  I'll post it as soon as Brad makes it available to me.

To everyone that participated.  Thank you.


Annie said...

I'm just sick to have missed it, but with first Communion on Saturday I had no choice but to be at my office working on the details of that...

I'm glad it is recorded.

Last Mom said...

So glad it was recorded!!! I love tapping, but just needed to watch Castle DVDs in bed with my husband instead last night. Such good news that I can still hear it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for recording. Will be excited to hear it...was SO bummed to miss out on it, it happened to coincide with another event I needed to be at. I won't tell you how hard I had to push myself to have a positive attitude about the "other thing" I had to do (it was a GOOD thing, too) and I should've jsut ASKED if you were going to record!!