Sunday, May 20, 2012


Anytime you want to go to the beach and be calm, peaceful and relaxed, here's your opportunity.

3 minutes of bliss to overcome the crappy day....


Even tho I’m so stressed, because it’s been a terrible, rotten, horrible, no good day, I totally love and accept myself.
Even tho it’s a horrible day, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even tho I feel like I can’t go on another minute, I know I have tools to help me.
Even tho I don’t want to give up this feeling of stress, I love and accept myself.
Even tho these feelings have become my new normal and I don’t know how to change it, I totally accept myself and right where I am at the moment.
Even tho on this day I feel so much despair and crankiness, I can choose to change it.
Or not, 

or I can choose to keep it.
I know I have this tapping as a tool to help me to change it and I can change it, I really can change it.  

If I want to.
I can choose to change it right now.
Letting go of the stress,
Letting go of the fear,
Hearing the waves in the background
Lulling me into a calm and peaceful place.
So I know on a cellular level that when I hear the calm sounds of the waves of the beach I too can be calm, I can be peaceful, I can relax.
Because I deserve to relax and when I’m relaxed I can think clearly, I can take care of myself and in turn take care of my family.
I deserve that.
My family deserves that.
I really deserve that.
Anytime that I feel these stressful feelings coming on I know I can come here and I will be relaxed and I will be calm and I will be peaceful.
I will listen to the sound of the waves and keep them in my mind anytime that I’m feeling out of control.  The sound of the waves will calm and soothe me on a deep level.
I will be able to breathe in and relax immediately anytime I think of the waves gently lapping at shore.
I will let go of the fear
Letting go of the stress
Letting go of the crankiness
Just hearing the peaceful waves and I will be calm and soothed in body, mind and spirit.

(Change the words to whatever works for you.)


Last Mom said...

So playing this for my girl tonight! She ASKED if we could tap every morning and evening. "And sometimes in the middle of the day, too!"

Trauma Mama said...

I love your videos! Thank you for making them.