Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rambling Update

Good news on the 10:00 medical appointment, a different med has been prescribed and the new doctor was against the 6 hour surgery that another doctor was wanting my family member to have.  Breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Waiting on the test results for J's appointment.  Hoping to having good news tomorrow.  Some other test results for J will not be back for 2 weeks.  She's been through a lot in the past fews weeks and is handling it like a champ considering how much trauma is surrounding this medical situation.  Much better than her mom at the moment.

While I am relieved at some of the good news, I am exhausted from the worrying.

Thank you, Sarah, for letting me know about this.   Tee, you are the bomb. Seriously.  I'm so grateful for all your help too.

You know you are a trauma mama when you get texts about pee.  I love you, Jenn.  You are a rock star!

I'm hoping you don't miss Thursday's Mom's Call with Brad Yates.  It's free.  Thank you, Brad.  I'm still humbled by your generosity and kindness to all of us.

If you're late to the show and need some more info on what is happening on Thursday, click here.

This exhausted mom is dragging herself to bed.


Trauma Mama said...

Sleep well my friend!

Tee said...

no, YOU'RE the bomb. sorry i missed it :(