Friday, February 8, 2013

Brain Sp*tting

Kristy is not a specialist in attachment therapy but she is a Trauma Specialist and lucky for us that she is.  Hello??? Isn't that what we're talking about here?  Trauma processing is so important for everyone but especially for traumatized children.

She spent last week in CPE training on trauma and came home with a gem.  Br*in Spotting.   I thought it was a little hokey at first but I trust Kristy implicitly so I was game.  She used it on me in our session Tuesday before J.  It is similar to EMDR but it moves a little slower and kind of helps to erase it away.  The finger you're tracking is paused to reveal the area of the brain where a particular trauma is trapped.  Mine was trapped in the bottom left side of my brain.  The trauma I processed Tuesday has been with me for decades and has caused lots of anxiety and shame but after the session it no longer has a vice grip on me.  I'm not paralyzed by it.  I still remember it but it's not painful or shameful as it was before.  More will be revealed as we go along but we're 3 days in and it's still not affecting me.  The anxiety over the trauma is gone.  Very interesting.  I'm sure it will take more than one session to totally release the pain of the memory but it sure has been nice for the last few days.

We both agreed to do it with something current on J first before going back to pre-5 y/o trauma.  She responded very quickly to the technique and it has seemed to really help her be able to let it go.  Again, 3 days in for J and she's still holding and verbalizing that the problems she had been having were no longer bothering her.  Kristy did the technique on two different things that have currently been bothering J.  Next week we will go a little deeper and see what happens.

Here are some videos on it if you're interested:

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

interesting- I love all the different things you come up with. Many I have never heard of in my life, but they work and that's what it's all about.