Monday, February 4, 2013

New Shoes

On FB I've had many private emails regarding the pictures of the shoes I posted today.  They're hand painted by Ashley Hooper and are so super cool.  I gave her the shoes that I wanted painted and told her to have fun.  Ashley is super creative and I am not.  So it was best I didn't give her any ideas about what I wanted.

She will do any design or colors that you want on any shoe you pick.  She also does boots and shoes with studs, etc.  The sky is the limit.  For the most part....

If you're interested in talking to Ashley about some one-of-a-kind shoes you can email her at
ashleyhooper_08  @  yahoo dot com.  She does some really cute things.

The shoes pictured above are NOT for J.  They are for me.  I loved J's so much I had to have some and I love me some Keds so that was the shoe of my choice.

It makes me very happy just to look down at them.  A reminder of peace is never a bad thing either. :)

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