Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finding Joy

More TRE going on here.  Lots of it actually.  Also LOTS of neuro-reorg.  There are other people that do neuro-reorg and exercises that are similar but that is the main one that I have a link to.  Another that is similar is Rhythmic Movement.

A friend and her daughter are staying with us for a week or so while we power through some neuro-reorganization.  When I say power through....I mean seriously power through it.  A little regression is normal but my friend's daughter has been trapped in fight or flight for a few days so we're working to move through it intensively and hopefully it will pass soon.  Amping it up helped immediately and we're seeing great progress.

This has not been without some interesting side effects.  J (being anxiously attached) immediately went to "my mom loves "friend" now instead of me."  Brain spotting today in therapy and she processed it.  I'm going to have put forth some extra effort to reassure her but I think I can manage that.

It has made the commune idea even more appealing.  While I'm working with my friend's daughter, she's working with J and we're tag teaming everything.  Oh my goodness it is so nice.

Orlando is coming up and I'm ever so ready.  I've been creating tapping scripts to take with me and setting up info for the TRE class.  The excitement is building.

For the rest of my life I will sing the praises of Corey for creating this sanctuary for all of us moms.  What a gift she has given us.  What a legacy of community!

Here's a link to the new website that has been created to carry on the community that Corey and the original 9 created.  This will be the new website for the 2014 Orlando event.  Click here for Beyond Trauma and Attachment.

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Annie said...

I like that phrase "anxiously attached". Perhaps that describes my Nastia. Not an anxious that reads as "anxious" of course, but a ready move to "snide" or "mad" when some threat is perceived.

I don't see any need for neuro-reorganization here, unfortunately..."unfortunate" because it would be nice to have something that would "work wonders".