Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rubbing to Release Personal Beliefs

I had a lesson a few weeks ago.  I had completely forgotten how important it is to do Rubbing before Tapping.  Kristy gave us a reminder and we've actively been trying to remedy the situation.  Rubbing is a psychological reversal.  Our kids desperately need to reverse their personal beliefs but they also need to know that it is OK to accept that it's part of them.  Some of them are even unconscious beliefs so by paring them with a positive belief it can totally change things up. We do this 3 or 4 times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime so that it's easy for me to remember.

You have to change global personal beliefs before changing the little stuff.  Our kids have really low self-esteem even though many of them try to cover it up with bravado.  Changing this is important.  Once this starts changing they feel safer sharing other things with us.

Start by finding your Sore spots.  They are usually below the collar bone but closer to your arm pits.  As you press lightly you'll find spots on each side of your body that are slightly tender to touch.  This is where you will rub in a circular motion.  You do 3 beliefs followed with a positive affirmation at the end of each.

Such as:
Even though I believed people in the past who taught me that I wasn't lovable I'm a totally great kid.
Even though I push my Mom away because I think I don't deserve love I'm a totally great kid.
Even though I'm scared my Mom won't love me if she sees all my yuckies I'm a totally great kid.

Even though I'm afraid to know or show my sadness because I'm afraid I won't recover I'm a totally great kid.
Even though I don't feel like I deserve happiness I'm a totally great kid.
Even though I don't feel like I deserve a family I'm a totally great kid.

Even though bad things happened to me I’m a totally great kid.
Even though there are things I’m scared to face I’m a totally great kid.
Even though I’m terrified for someone to know all of me I’m a totally great kid.

Maybe even a "Even though I'm scared to love my mom I'm a totally great kid."

Mine are:
Even though I think I'm not good enough I'm a totally great person.
Even though I feel like I'm failing I'm a totally great person.
Even though I let others push my buttons I'm a totally great person.

Here is a video J did on rubbing for fear in January 2009: Click here
Here is a video J did today on rubbing to change beliefs: Click here
As you can tell, my little girl is growing up.  WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!  She has grown 4" since this past August!  No wonder I can't keep her in clothes.

Do what you think your kid believes about themselves.  Change it up to meet your/their needs.  Their beginnings warped their personal beliefs.  Help them change that.  You can do it!


Dia por Dia said...

Now you tell me.... :-). We do both but sometimes in the "wrong" order. never again.... So glad you are back!!!!

FosterAbba said...

Welcome back! We've missed you.

Spinner said...

So glad to see you here again!

C Dawn's bucket said...

Stranger (but not a weirdo--I know Diana personally and she'll vouch for me...probably :D ) to you delurking to say I missed you and prayed for you often.

Glad you are back!

The Accidental Mommy said...

FOUR INCHES since August????

That is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

"Rubbing" is basically the same as "Brain Buttons" in Brain Gym and "Switching" in Touch for Health and Crossinology/ Brain Integration Technique.

Check out the testimonials on my site re: Brain Integration (non-invasive, energy/accupressure type treatment) -
and visit the BIT site directly -

I don't provide BIT as a service, so no $ in my pocket for this. ;-) I would seriously like to get trained in it, though!

Kathleen Benckendorf