Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Knew It.....

Sorry to bore you to death, I can hear the snores from here (some of y'all need to get some Bre*the R*ght strips. :D).....and some of you are rolling your eyes "as in heavenly heck would she shut up already"....but you knew this one was coming.....

Tapping is the same as psychological reversals in that both are in the field of Kinesiology which is also in the Thought Field Therapy family. 

Our Tapping Sequence at the moment is:

I deserve love - I deserve a family (or whatever positive affirmations you want to use. Use what is closest to what they can handle.  If they are in the beginnings of attachment you might want to say "I deserve a little bit of love".  Adjust to meet your/their needs.)

Using all fingers
Over eye
Beside eye
Under eye
Under nose
Under lip
Under collar bones
Tarzan spot
Cross arms on ribs
Under ribs
Sides of thighs
Outside of pinky
Inside ring finger
Inside middle finger
Inside point finger
Inside thumb
Gamut spot (this is the spot between the bones on your hand from the pinky finger and ring finger)
Bridge Sequence:
While still rubbing gamut spot:
Breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly
Close eyes - open eyes
Roll eyes up and to the left then to right. (You'll have to hold your finger out and let them follow it because they won't be able to roll their eyes correctly.)
Hum 5 bars (we hum a few bars of Jesus Loves Me)
Count to 5 out loud
Hum 5 bars
Count to 5 out loud

Repeat tapping but do not do the bridge sequence again.

Here are some great videos from B r a d Yates. net on using tapping on children on anger, fear, sadness, abandonment, releasing guilt and shame, and a great one for us trauma parents on relaxing.  He uses different tapping points but it's the same idea.  Tapping really helps.  For some (adults and children) it works immediately like for J's best friend, Kara.  For others like J and I, it's progressive and it works but may take a period of time.  Sometimes it takes a week and some are a few weeks but it does work.  It takes commitment but it's worth it.  My dear friend, Christine, also has some great video links in this post.

Once you get the hang of it, the routine of Shaking, Rubbing (psychological reversal), and Tapping takes maybe 3 minutes total each time.  Low commitment of time, free, and high payoffs.  I'll take it.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It works on people of any age including babies.  If you have trouble getting the hang of it, email me and we can Sk*pe and we'll go through it together.

Here's J again in an old video (1/09) to show you our tapping routine on good decisions: Click here for Y o u tube.


Kelly said...

Lisa, You know you are my hero, right? You and J give me that hope I have for Jackson's healing. Tell her I said so, because she is my hero too.

Mijk said...

Could you please please thank Kirsty form the bottom of my heart. I am a perfectionist of the slefsabotage variety (when I think I might make a mistake I don't do it so I know what the mistake is) and my son has a fear of failure that has a lot of impact on his life. I started to just tell him I messed up when I did because I kind of thought he needed that. But Now reading this I realise I truly needed a tiny bit of support because after reading this I was so relieved... Yes my son needs to learn failure is part of living and I need to model it.. Thank you. I am planning on building in shaking for him too. He loves his dog and he will be a natural.

Mijk said...

I wrote this whole comment and it is gone bacically thanks Kirsty from me. I have started to demonstrate failure to my son because he has a fear of failure that impacts his life. I wasn't sure it was the right way and reading this suggestion form your smart therap[ists made me feel a lot more confident. I plan on leanring him to shake too because I often see his body holding on to negative feelings. he is a regular kid by the way. Just a high maintenance one!

Kerrie said...

I don't think Princess could tolerate that kind of touching. Any suggestions? She is chock-full of lies about herself.