Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things That Work For Us

You can click here to see the therapies we were doing in 2008. This post also talks about The Learning Breakthrough Program, explains pink love and other things.

Now we are doing:
Anger Work
Therapeutic Parenting (as in Dan Hughes, Nancy Thomas, Foster Cline, Love and Logic, Beyond Consequences, Deborah Hage, Katherine Leslie, Karyn Purvis, etc.) Yes, I use all of them and more.  An arsenal is required for RAD.
Bi-Lateral Stimulation
Helping her regulate (this means I have to be regulated myself. :))
Mini-Tramp - click here
Guided Imagery plays on a CD every night recorded in my voice (Bellaruth Naperstak - Invisible Heroes - Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal) Priceless!  Here is a script that we have used.
Weekly therapy with a great Attachment Therapist.

You can find a post from 2008 that covers pink love, consequences, severity, and wanting to get better by clicking here.

J's Tool Box (She has all of her tools written on colorful index cards.  She can pull one out whenever she needs it.)
Asking for help
Hitting on Angry Pillow
Baby Time (J asked me again this week if I would still give her baby time when she's 30.  My reply, "of course I will, honey.")  Trauma Mama was hysterically funny in her post about this.  I may have to save and read this when J is 30. :) Sarah was especially eloquent here.
Pink Love
Go to my room.
Blow up the imaginary black balloon with all her yuckies.
Choo-choo breathing (Inhale then on the exhale slowly making a soft choo, choo train sound until all breath is gone.)
Talk to Miss. Kristy.
Have a pretend fit. (How do you have a fit? Click here)
Write about my feelings.
Talk about my feelings.
Calm down
Talk to Mom.

Just in case you're wondering, trying to dysregulate your RAD kid never works out well. :)

For some reason the search button on my blog isn't working and I'm a dork so I don't do tags.  So people....I did not take 6 hours to look up all the links for nothing.  So please click on them. Pretty please.

This stuff works if you work it. That's a choice.  I have to make it every day. Some days I don't make the choice.  Those days suck.

Please share the things that work for your family.


Annie said...

OK - in so many ways Love and Logic and Beyond Consequences are opposite approaches. Which aspects do you use of each?

Crayon said...

I just purchased "Parenting TEENS with Love and Logic"! Can't wait to see what all I'm doing wrong. lol

Sarah said...

I clicked on the old post, and the post before that. And you are such an inspiration- the work you put in to J, and from yesterday's post- the rewards you both get from it-- truly inspiring. :)

"Helping her regulate (this means I have to be regulated myself. :))"

Ok, I officially would like to request a post on HOW DO YOU DO THAT!!!

I am working on it. Working out my own STUFF, focusing on my own feelings, acknowledging that my son is going to feed off of whatever I am feeling, even if I am trying to hide it. But I find that to be the hardest part of this journey- keeping MYSELF sane.