Friday, May 2, 2008

Bad Girl

In the spirit of "you're only as sick as your secrets," I have to confess....Being the overachiever that I am, I have been reading ahead in Simple Abundance book. Priscilla is sitting at her computer snickering (because she is not shocked) as she is reading the same moment she is saying to herself, "dear God what is that girl going to do now..."

November 22 says in essence to embrace the "bad girl" in you. So today I am going to do something absolutely wicked....not sure what yet...but you can be assured I'll come up with a plan. A few statements are "bad girls don't just want to have fun, they make sure they do. Bad girls are committed to the philosophy of personal pleasure. They smell expensive, wear fabulous earrings, black satin cut down to there, fishnet stockings, etc. Bad girls are in touch with their inner bitch. Bad girls don't have therapists because they don't need them. Bad girls have housekeepers and masseuses. Bad girls realize this isn't a dress rehearsal. Real life is what you make of it." I've already gotten 4 of the above bad girl traits down this week....going to make a plan and see what else I can come up with today. Maybe I'll tell you about it....if it's really, really bad I'll only tell Priscilla... ;-)

This morning, J made the statement..."Mom I am so grateful I have a home and I'm going to put that on my gratitude list tonight." Almost every day now she's starting to come up with grateful statements (during the day) and not just at dinner when we do the gratitude list. It's so cool that she's learning to have awareness. An attitude of gratitude can take the blah, ho hum or the bad out of any day. Of this I'm convinced.

Please pray for my friend Laura in Nebraska and Mary in Texas. They could really use them right now. Thanks!

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. A grateful daughter
2. Getting to see spring again. Four weeks ago I was in Atlanta and was able to see Spring emerge, 1 1/2 weeks later I admired it in Gainesville, another week later in Habersham and yet another week later (last night) at Lake Burton. The leaves are just starting to peep out really well.
3. Letting the bad girl out
4. 5:30 AM sitting on the deck with a beautiful, orange crescent moon over me.
5. Listening to the birds waking up.
6. A glorious day in the neighborhood

J's Gratitude:
1. Scooter
2. Awesome mom
3. Listening to the positive affirmation CD
4. Home
5. Riding her bike
6. Brussel sprouts


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Alyssa's Mom said...

This post has created a picture in my head that I can't get out!

It looks something like Snow White spanking Dopey!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for scarring me for life!

(who is still laughing so hard I'm crying!)

laura said...

Lisa, Thanks for the prayer request, you know me so well....I think I'll bring the bad girl out in me this weekend....only the devil will know !!!