Thursday, May 29, 2008

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days

I've been MIA for many reasons. Friday morning we discovered (at 8:10 AM) that our (reminder: I own a payroll company that does payroll in 43 states) bank had failed to send out the direct deposit files to the Feds. This meant that ALL of the employees for ALL of my clients that had direct deposit did NOT get their payroll money. We're talking millions! (I'm getting PTSD just from typing.) Proactively started calling all of my clients to make them aware and spent many phone calls with the bank to remedy the problem. Promised that everything was going to be fixed by 2. Didn't happen. All local banks were repaired by 2 but my clients in other states were not. 38 states were affected. I am starting to panic. One of the clients then started calling to cuss me out every hour. His rants would last at least 30 minutes each. This lasted until 8 PM. I gave him my cell phone number so that I could keep him apprised of the situation. Big mistake. Huge. Yes, I know it was horrible and inexcusable but cussing me out was not helping matters. Screaming didn't help either. I am not a bank and I cannot wire money. Please scream at the bank and not me. Nothing was going to make him happy.

I picked up J from Jessi as Jessi had picked her up from Mrs. Gaddy and headed for the lake with everyone including M. Trying to run my business from my cell phone and my employees were still sweating it at the office. Get to the lake and discover that I've left Puddin's leash at home and I can't take her out to the bathroom without it because I'm too close to the road. Drive 45 minutes in a thunderstorm to Wal-Mart to get another one. Empty gas tank so a stop at Race-Trak. Very late and cooking dinner is not a viable option so it was God forbid, McDonald's. Yuck! Back to the lake to discover that my icemaker & washing machine weren't working (supposed to have been repaired 2 weeks ago)(had brought all dirty laundry to the lake) and my garage door will not go up no matter how hard I pull. More abusive phone calls from my irate client as I am standing in my yard so the kids won't hear. During my phone call I discover that my neighbors (they are hateful, mean people. I've tried cajoling them with brownies, kindness and cakes over the years but nothing makes them happy.) had cut down 5 of my 15/20ft trees that I had a landscaper plant 5 years ago (on my property!!!) By this time I am shot out. I am a shaking, quivering hot mess. I go in my house (it's dark) and my neighbors come home from dinner. I strip naked in front of the windows facing their house. Yep, I really did it. That should've made them run put a For Sale sign in front of their house immediately. ;-)

Finally crashed into the bed at 1. Way past my bedtime. Only to get back up and spend the night pacing the floor because I can't sleep. Girls up at 7 to start the day. M doing chores, earning her way back home. J playing and having a great time. Tim calls me from the bank to assure me that he had talked to my client and everything was fine. 9 AM, M goes home. Not because she was ready but because I was stressed out. 9:15 AM. Irate client calls and cusses me out for the rest of the day. Talked to CEO of bank. He calls client and tells me everything is fine. Client calls back and reduces me to another quivering hot mess. When he starts cussing he will not stop for at least 30 minutes and some of them were over an hour. I swear he doesn't take a breath the whole time. He starts demanding that the bank have a jet on the tarmac w/ $500,000 cash ready to travel to 38 states to deliver money. Then he starts threatening me. You get the idea.... Finally he's through and I'm on the phone w/ bank CEO as 2 guys in Harley gear come walking down by driveway. A group of 6 motorcyclists from Indiana were riding down 197 and a couple riding with them had wrecked at the top of my road. I never heard it with all the commotion going on in my ear. Call 911, take blankets, pillows and icepacks. Loan out my bathroom and take drinks out. Wait on ambulance. Think the worst was a broken ankle and road rash but the husband was walking around and he appeared to be in shock so he pinky swore with me that he would get checked out too.

Sunday was spent the exact same. Now I haven't slept in 2 nights. More calls from the bank & client. Try to have some fun with J. Chrissi is home from Florida and she comes up to the lake. We already had another couple of friends and their son up for the weekend too. Craig & Murray saved the day. They always have a way of making things seem better.

Monday AM J & Chrissi head back home to meet Jessi so that J can go back to Mrs. Gaddy's (J had the same behaviors with Jessi after she picked her up on Friday so it resulted in her going right back). It usually takes 2 or 3 times to Mrs. Gaddy before J will give up the behaviors. She is extremely stubborn. She must get that from me. ;-) Lordy I miss that child! I did not get cussed out all day! It is a miracle!!!!!

Tuesday, to the bank to start ticking off all amounts on all deposits to audit the files. More cussing, ranting, raving, etc.

Yesterday, I checked out. Literally. Took the day off and Chrissi and I went to Six Flags. I am such a kid. I LOVE Six Flags! My addiction of choice is adrenalin. Left my phone in the car on purpose. We were done riding everything (at least 3 times each) on the rides of 1:30. Get back in the car and another message from irate client. I don't call him back.

Talking with the bank CEO's/owners/operation manager until 9 about the 6 issues that still have not been resolved. Fell into bed and finally slept.

Since I don't have the money to have my property surveyed again (the last time I had it surveyed they put in concrete markers to mark property lines. They have been taken up and it wasn't by me.) or to hire attorneys to prosecute them I dreamed/fantasized about buying a really nasty, disgusting sex tape, putting my TV in front of the window facing my neighbors house and playing it all weekend (volume off of course), renting my house out to people who will do the nasty on the lawn, putting in a privacy fence and painting it white on my side and neon graffiti on the neighbor's side. Fantasized other things too but these are my cleanest versions.

Phone conference with bank CEO and irate client at 1 today. Please pray for me.


Alyssa's Mom said...

Oh Lord! I thought I was having a bad week. YOU WIN!!!

Hope things get better - fast!


Lauri said...

Yikes... praying for you

marythemom said...

Hugs and prayers!