Monday, May 5, 2008

How I wish I were back at Serenity..edited

Friday she was a little terror to her teacher. Refused to do anything and was very defiant. Another letter, homework and laundry coming up....

Very difficult weekend for J. Last Friday we went to see the Broadway version of The Lion King. 1 minute into it and she was in my lap hiding her face. 2 minutes into it and J was UNDER the chair screaming in complete terror. I tried to talk her through it for about 20 minutes but she was either back in the floor or fighting me to try to get back in the floor. So we left. The next 2 hours and 20 minutes we spent in the mini-van while Chrissi finished the program. Lots of tapping to try to get her out of that space. She wanted to go back in and watch it on the monitor but I wouldn't let her because a few weeks ago we tried to watch Ratatouille. 5 minutes into that she was terrified and we had to cut it off. Didn't want to make the same mistake twice. I had tried to prepare her beforehand. We've been to lots of plays, read the story, looked at the program with pictures of costumes & masks, watched the movie, etc. Didn't work out....

8 AM Saturday she "worked" all day on her apology letter, teacher's laundry and the one math problem she had as homework. Please keep in mind that J could've done all of this in less than 1 hour but that would be too easy. She finally called it a day around 8 PM. Sunday...different day...same story....She worked on this until 8 PM last night.

Today Mrs. Kacak is going to teach Maddie (a doll) and J is going to "Mom's School from Hell". Fine with me if you want to be mean to the teacher. I'll pay Jessi to teach Maddie and she can use the computer, do fun school stuff, art, history and science projects and you (J) can do all the math problems (8 pages) of boring Excel spreadsheet problems (none of those cute little pictures and stuff), write sentences, write spelling words and oh, yeah...probably an apology letter to Chrissi too. Great empathy.....

I really think that she doesn't see Jessi as being strong (through no fault of Jessi's) so I'm going to have to figure out how to help Jessi look/feel powerful. I feel like I've tried everything and haven't found the key to unlocking the answer. Looking for suggestions here....

To our disappointment (yours & mine) "Bad Girl" had to be put on the back burner for a few days. I'll get back there soon. Pretty darn disappointed about that. I was really looking forward to it....Maybe that means I have more time to come up with a REALLY great Bad Girl Plan. ;-)

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Planting morning glories at the lake
2. Spring yet again at the lake (it is breath taking!)
3. I didn't get in any trouble.
4. The daily peony watch (pictures soon)
5. A glorious spring day.

J's Attitude:
1. Everybody hates me
2. Nobody loves me
3. I think I'll go eat worms
4. First one's greasy - goes down easy
5. Second one starts to squirm


Alyssa's Mom said...

Hang in there Lisa!

Curious about something.......What freaked J out about Lion King????

Alyssa gets freaked sometime too, I have never been able to figure it out.


Lauri said...

hard to believe that sweet little face is causing trouble

hang in there

marythemom said...

My 13 yr old H craves horror movies - biomom was letting her watch movies like "The Scream" at age 4 - she seems fine while she watches things like Harry Potter, but then becomes obsessed with the death and violence.

I think you might be lucky that J doesn't want to watch what she can't handle. It's hard when they crave it and then rage and obsess.

As always you and J are in my prayers!