Monday, May 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

A wonderful time was had by all at the beach. J did FABULOUS! Did you notice that it's in all caps??? I am screaming from the Blue Ridge Mountain tops because I am so proud of her!!!! She made really good choices all week. Luckily for all of us there was a family staying in the house next to us that had an 8 y/o girl. J & Em had a wonderful time together. Thanking the good lord that Em was a little Miss Bossy Pants so it was a great learning experience for J to see it's not fun when someone is bossy all the time. If I had special ordered Em I couldn't have done a better job!

We all have been kissed by the sun and have wonderful tans, exfoliated feet and glowing faces. Buckets of seashells were picked, kites were flown, waves were ridden, volley balls flew in the pool and mounds of seafood were devoured. J had crablegs 3 times last week and cracked them all herself! I was impressed. Wednesday night we took J & Em to see the Tribute show (tradition for us) at Legends in Concert. Front row seats. Chrissi danced with Rod Stewart, Rod kicked a soccer ball to Em and a few minutes later one was sent to J. J put it back on the stage for Rod and he sent it back. Again she put it back on stage and Rod kicked it to the man behind J and the gentleman gave it to J and told her to keep it. ;-). Elvis (sorry to any fans but this guy is much cuter than Elvis ever thought about being.) always does the final show and Em was the first one to go ask for a scarf from him. This act prompted J to do so too. All the way home the girls argued over which one was going to marry Elvis. They were both adamant that he smelled like red roses. ;-) Too funny for words!

We took one last walk on the beach Friday night then packed the van for an early departure Saturday AM. Up at 6:30 for a last cup of coffee watching the ocean. 7:15 everyone was up and at 7:55 Elvis had left the building. I am a horse to the barn when it comes to going home. Nothing gets in my way. Therefore we were home in 4 hours and 20 minutes! Puddin had mourned all week and trained the baby sitter that the only way she would eat was out of her hand. I have a very smart furry daughter! Puddin was all smiles as soon as I opened the door and after 30 minutes of serious quality petting time she finally stopped crying.

Saturday evening I had a darling respite child with me and she is still here working on "issues" and being respectful to her Awesome Mom. My princess tortured Mrs. Kacak all morning so she is off to TMR for the week. I was hoping against hope that she would have a fabulous day and not threaten to kill her teacher. It wasn't to be so I am glad that Mrs. Gaddy was scheduled. I went home to tell her I had heard she was having a hard day and that I was very sorry. I told her I understood that Mrs. Kacak was going to have to do something about that and that I understood and supported Mrs. Kacak's decision but I loved her no matter what. I held it together until I got out of the house thank goodness. Going to miss her terribly and can't wait for her to come home. Makes me glad M will be there tonight to keep my mind off it.

Since J will be gone this week Chrissi is off for a solo tour of Florida. Horror of horrors...I'll be at home alone (after M goes home)! Little nervous for her to be out on her own for that long but she is a very smart and resilient girl so I'm sure she'll be fine. She has wanted to go to Florida since she got off the plane from Germany so I'm happy she'll have the opportunity. Evidently people in Germany think Florida is a really big deal so she'll be able to tell all her friends she has been there!

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Seashells
2. Sleeping to the sound of the ocean
3. Awesome daughter
4. Beautiful vacation weather
5. Starfish

J's Gratitude:
1. Elvis
2. Crablegs
3. Vacation was a blast!
4. Massage from Mom
5. Elvis


laura said...

Welcome back Lisa. Glad to hear you had a good time for you truly deserve it.
Sorry to hear about J's behavior upon your return home, but all will be ok.
Keep the faith girl...

Alyssa's Mom said...

Welcome back! Isn't it nice to have those episodes of "normal". It helps remind us what we are working toward! I hope J comes home with a brand new respect for Mrs. Kacak! Enjoy your solitude, you deserve it!


Tudu said...

I am glad you returned safely and such a great time. I won't comment on the other stuff except I love how Elvis was on her list twice. LOL He must have been some kind of wonderful.