Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am lost without J. The house was sooooo quiet last night it was spooky..... My friend June came over and had dinner with me so that helped but after she left it was almost creepy. Absolutely didn't know what to do with myself. Couldn't sleep....must've been the full moon....Finished watching Dancing with the Stars @ 5AM. Frustrating because I could've slept until 6:30. My boyfriend Jason didn't win (darn it!) but he sure did look purty! Kristi was very deserving. The good news is that instead of waiting 5/6 days before J shows any signs of wanting to come home, this time she started showing it 24 hours in. Whoo hoo!!! Hopefully she'll be home tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait....

Darling M had a really great night with her Awesome Mom last night. Lots of cuddling going on....I am so happy for her. She told her mom that she tried not to like me but she just couldn't make herself. I'm irristible like that...;-) LOL

Lisa's Gratitude:

1. Pale pink peonies in full bloom (blooms are over 10" across!)

2. Dinner with June

3. Cool spring breezes

4. Puddin

5. Madison getting to go home

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laura said...

It has to be nice feeling lost without J and that J is ready to come home. That means that the relationship the two of you have is starting to take hold. Remember kiddo, one baby step at a time....there are still, as you well know going to be setbacks, but this has to be a bright spot in your never ending battle and struggle towards attachment. For sure keep up the good work and remember you are always in my thoughts and prayers....
Love ya