Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Whew! What a relief....amazing what a little therapy can do. Turns out she is afraid to give up her anger because it's so comfortable. She's also afraid of what I will do if she gives up her anger. Lots of tapping and trying to reverse her energy. Things are much improved around here. Tomorrow I'm going to let Jessi give J the Love and Logic, "bad decision" sing song when things go awry.

J got her first massage tonight on the new table and she was LOVING it!!! She actually relaxed and seemed at ease and that's the first time since last Thursday. I am breathing a heavy sigh of relief tonight. We grabbed a quick bite of Mexican, picked up Puddin from the beauty parlor and home to let her ride her bike, scooter and be the official water girl. She had such a better attitude!

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Therapy
2. A fabulous AT
3. An awesome daughter
4. J working hard in therapy
5. My peonies are about to pop

J's Gratitude:
1. Awesome Mom
2. Going on a date with Mom
3. Bike
4. Scooter
5. Official Water Girl


laura said...

Lisa remember, which Im sure you do, one step forward, three steps back. I sounds to me that for you that is beginning to change. Sounds like J is improving and I believe she will continue to improve. The more that comes out the better she will get. It takes a long time for anyone to trust after that trust has been broken but I know someday J will trust you and all those around her. You are a fantastic person and I know that J knows that also. Please never change who you are and things will be ok

Alyssa's Mom said...

Glad to hear that things are back on track.

I hope you have an AWESOME Mother's Day!