Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Child Returns....

Dinner with Robin, Emily & Chavez last night was fabulous....trying to fill up my time with fun things while the house is empty. It was so great to see Emily! It has been way too long!

M.......I think she missed me...NOT! I knew she would be coming back because she would have to test her mom but I didn't think she would be testing this soon. A phone call last night and it was Lisa to the rescue. M thought I was there to visit until I told her to get in the truck. M didn't believe her mom when Mom told her to go clean up her room. Bad decision.... Awesome mom called me instead. Lots of drama (manipulation) with her mom till she figured out it wasn't going to work then she got in the truck and INSTANTLY stopped crying. It's like they can flip that emotional light switch in the blink of an eye! That always amazes me!

It was late so she didn't have to do many chores last night but after school will be a different story. Tomorrow she is out of school so she can work at my office. Boy I sure do hope when she goes home this time she decides to stay!

Still missing all my daughters....J, Chrissi and C. C hasn't called or written in months. Not even on my birthday which really stung. Robin assured me last night that all kids in their 20's are really selfish (looking back I was too) and she'll come around by the time she's 30. I guess she's just out trying to be an adult and find her way in the world. We all have to do this I suppose....It sucks though because I really miss her! She is an amazing person!

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Time with Robin, Emily & Chavez (lordy I hope I'm spelling that right)
2. J is starting to work to come home
3. Seeds sprouting
4. All-Clad
5. Quiet

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