Monday, August 18, 2008

The Earth Didn't Stop

Thanks to all of you for rallying around to support me. I don't know where I would be without all of you! Maybe a straight jacket??? ;-0

I am so proud of me. I didn't mention a peep about school. Almost had a little slip out of habit. When I get home J runs up to me, hugs me and asks me how was my day. Of course she did so tonight too. Chrissi was sitting right next to her. As soon as J asked I said, "fabulous!" then I almost slipped. But quickly recovered and looked at Chrissi and asked her about her day. Whew! That was close!

We had a great evening together. The world didn't stop turning on it's axis. Who knew??????!!!!! It was so much fun to just be a mom instead of education enforcer. I'm reading Little Women to her at bed time. She is very enamored with the story.

A beautiful, brown-paper package was waiting at the door. Oh! How exciting it is to get brown-paper packages! Then I opened it. The complete set of Little House books had finally arrived. Be still my heart! These were my most beloved books when I was a child. Laura Ingalls & I were the best of friends. Completed the whole set in 2nd grade. Actually many times over and over. Mrs. Swindall, the librarian, thought I had taken up permanent residence in her library. They took me to distant places, taught my imagination to soar and made my heart sing. I can't wait to read them again. 3rd grade the love was Little Women and Gone with the Wind.

J watched me open the beloved brown-paper package and her eyes got wide with excitement. Unfortunately according to the new plan they went downstairs to the "bookshelf". You know the one. Well...J took them down there and put them up. Mrs. Kacak got lucky again. Of course after bedtime I'll be sneaking and reading me some Little House on the Prairie. ;-) Laura & I will be best friends again. We have some catching up to do!

When J was in public school it was so easy to let go of the "school" thing. I explained to the teacher that it was J's problem. She almost never did her homework and the teacher did let her complete it during recess. If I'm really honest about this situation it's about the money (hanging head in shame & embarrassment) and not really her education. (Although I do think it's extremely important. I'm still letting go...see? ) I'm paying one person to be her teacher and one person to be her babysitter. Every day! Well, if I'm paying someone to teach her then, by golly, she should go to school. Dadgumit!

Well...Chrissi goes home 9/8/08 so I'll have to pay her teacher anyway so I just need to get over it. School or babysitting. Same thing. Doesn't matter to me....nope. I. Don't. Care.

This is still up. I am giving up. Yep, P, I am powerless over people, places & things. Powerless....That is me.

P.S. Lynn honey....I need you to call me or email me your new email address. Something to ask you on the down low.

Since I'm keeping it really honest. I don't like ice cream. Now you can run screaming into the streets.

Happy as a lark....Couldn't care


Alyssa's Mom said...

Woo Hoo! One day down!

Stay strong.

You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Lisa, change is always hard but I know you can do this. (without the straight jacket even) (might need the duct tape though !!)
Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, take one step at a time and it will all work out. Im behind you 100%.

Kelly said...

You are truly an amazing woman. Hang in there, you are doing wonderful things in this little girls life. God bless you.

About the ice cream thing. UGHHHHHHHH! Could live off ice cream. We owned a Baskin Robbins for 10 years and I got to eat ice cream everyday!!!! Didn't know there was anyone that didn't like ice cream. :-)

Queen Mommy said...

Good for you! I am glad you left me a comment and I found you! I have similar issues with that monster called "education". You are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up!

Unspeakable Joy said...

congrats on letting go! but you might look into the ice cream thing, that keeps me going! :)

CJ Merrell said...

You probably already have this to find a Chiro-neurologist. But here is a link I found:

There is also a link on my blog page.