Sunday, August 10, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice

J has taken to growling at her teacher. She's even decided she wanted to growl at me. No problem..... Tonight she got to practice growling for an hour at herself in the mirror. Growling doesn't seem to be an issue now. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Lordy it really feels weird to prescribe the problem. It just doesn't seem normal. But usually it works. I'll let you know how it comes out.

There's something happening next Sunday that I am so not happy about. Trying to get happy about it but it's just not working out. When I can type about the details with out popping a gasket I'll get back with you. The short version is that I am being forced to spend a couple of hours with a normal family of 4 "normal" (y'all know I hate that word) children, 2 parents and 1 unorganized, perpetually late, lying au pair coordinator. At. my. house. I was not asked. I was told. Therefore....I.Am.Not.Happy.

Trying to figure out how to slip some Exlax in one particular person's food...... Y'all think I'm kidding.....

Check out Kari's post on hanging with normal people. She put it much more eloquently than I ever could.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I dont know that there is such a thing as normal if you know what I mean. I was sure fooled by it when I took on the challange of Devin and soon realized that maybe we are the "normal" ones. If normal is the stuffy, soccer mom, well behaved, polite children, life on a schedule of run here and run there and not stopping to smell the roses, well then I dont want to be normal. Taking on the challanges of our RAD children and helping them learn and love is far more rewarding and so much more fulfilling than any normal person could ever imagine. Im my book we are far better and definately twice as blessed. I know the task that you undertake daily seem like a never ending, un-rewarding stuggle but believe me in the end you will truly come out ahead of everyone else. Hang in there, you will be fine. You have lived life while others have only existed.
Love ya always

marythemom said...

Hugs and prayers winging your way!