Monday, August 25, 2008

Nice Quiet Weekend

No lake this weekend just a nice, quiet, peaceful weekend at home. No drama. I was really afraid that after my post on Friday night that she might prove me wrong. Sometimes that happens you know.... She's working on a little project in her spare time. She's writing down all the things she has to remember. It's alot! All the nitty gritty little details. Thought it would be an interesting project for those times when she wants to "involve" herself in other people's business. Cause if you think about it...when you mind your own business it's a full time job. I'll use the bathroom as an example.

1. Go to bathroom
2. Turn on light
3. Lift toilet lid
4. Sit on toilet and do your business
5. Make sure all your business is deposited into toilet
6. Check to make sure you've done all your business
7. Remember to wipe appropriate areas
8. Make sure areas are clean
9. Remember to throw tissue in toilet
10. Put toilet lid down
11. Flush
12. Apply soap to hands
13. Wash hands while singing ABC song.
14. Rinse hands
15. Dry hands
16. Turn off light

Life sure does have a lot of details when you think about it. She has been impressed with everything she has to remember too.

Reiki last night and J said 3 yuckies left. Whoo hoo!

Folks, a miracle happened here last night. It's raining! Not just a sprinkle that doesn't even leave water under the trees. A real rain. 3 inches according to my parents who live about 4 miles away! Even my poke weeds had wilted so I am sure that they're doing a little dance. Funny how weather changes the mood of people. Complete strangers in the post office this morning had little grins on their faces and were making happy comments regarding our rain.

Paring down my hyperlinks to just one today. Thought it was really cool so I had to share. I'm still so new to the blogging world so I love getting help on how to manage, etiquette, etc.


Kelly said...

I love this. I might just have to use this with my kiddos when they continually stay in each other's business. Thanks for the little tip! :)

Leaders In Learning said...

Interesting blog reading about other families raising Radish kids. It helps me not to feel so alone. I've got 3.

CJ Merrell said...

I'm still here... Thanks for checking on me.. Kuddos listed on my blog for you.

Yea! for only 3 yuckies.. I prayed for you guys.

My Therapy Shoppe catalog came in today! YiPEEEEEE. It looks cool! And I'm waitin' on pay day to order the rest of the goodies you suggested. I love trying new stuff..
Thank you!

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

When I used to work as an SLP, I'd sometimes help set up schedules for kiddos at always amazed me the number of steps it took to complete what seemed like such a simple task!

Thanks for the link!