Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Returning to Washing Machine Normal Setting

Okay....I'm still here. Thanks Tudu, Gerri and Brenda for checking on me. I was so far down yesterday that I went to bed at 6 PM. Yup....6 PM really. I didn't get up until 5 minutes before my alarm went off this morning at 5:50 AM. I was one pooped puppy. There is a vague, twilight sorta memory of Puddin jumping on me when she came to bed but other than that I was in la la land. Not even one trip to the bathroom which is no small feat for me.

No details will be released regarding the events but just know that everything came out alright even though it is a miracle.

I will however, share the lovely events of our weekend. I surprised J Thursday afternoon (after school) that we were going to the lake. Yes....he was found and I am so profoundly grateful. We arrived at the lake in time for her to go swimming before bed and she was loving that! She had the day off from school on Friday so she was in the water by 9 AM and didn't get out except to eat and apply sunscreen until 5 PM.

After she went to bed my friend, June, came up to spend the night with her daughter Maddy. So J had a huge surprise when she got out of bed Saturday! Maddy is 10 and very mature for her age so I asked her if she would re-direct J when she got too bossy. Maddy did great at this! I would hear her saying "J that's too bossy, please try again." And J would. It was great lessons for J and they got along famously. Brian brought Kira up for a bit too so there were 2 girls to swim with her. Yahoo! It was a 9 - 5 day again in the lake. Maddy worked with J on diving and doing flips and J LOVED it! Dinner was at 5 so the girls came up to eat. Now y'all know how much my girl loves her food. She sat down and stared at her food and made a concerted effort to pick up her fork. I'm watching and waiting to see what is next because there are baked beans on her plate. My child never says "no" to baked beans! The unthinkable happens.... J says, "mommy, I am soooo tired....may I please go to bed." That child had absolutely worn herself out. So at 5:15 she was dead to the world and didn't wake up till 7 the next morning!

Daddy G and entourage are home safe from the motorcycle trip. One less thing to worry about. We were all very happy to see him even though he is a crispy critter from so much sun and wind. G had a great time playing with J on the float Sunday afternoon. Wishing I had my video camera down with me! Y'all will be happy to know that I am trying to make a concerted effort to do better in the picture department. I'll post some later.

Upon arriving home Sunday afternoon we found the dear, brown boxes left by the postman. Oh how I love it when I pull in the driveway and see beautiful, brown boxes sitting on the doorstep. My heart flitters and my feet do a little happy dance. The first set of the Little House books, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and a huge box of books from Texas Mary (30 lbs!). Little Women and the rest of the Little House books should be here any day. J was in heaven! Texas Mary....You rock!!!!!! Early to bed Sunday night as J & I were both pooped from too much sun and fun.

Today I made the decision to unenroll J in the K12.com/gva program and keep her on the K12.com program. I know this will be more money but I think it will be better for J in the long run. They want her to test in a public facility 3 or 4 times a year in a room with 100 kids that she's never met before. This would be setting her up for a meltdown and I just can't do it. Plus the K12.com/gva program is much more remedial considering what she has already completed in 1st grade. It's set up for Georgia requirements and the consumer direct K12.com program is way ahead of GA. Praying I made the right decision. In my head it doesn't make sense to go backwards instead of forward.

Discovered Shakespeare Can Be Fun (who knew???.....only kidding...) series on thepioneerwoman.com and ordered a set for J. I think she'll love them and Mrs. Kacak is excited too!

Please pray for Murray. Tumor found and surgery coming. She needs some extra ones right now.

No....we have not forgotten to do gratitude lists but I don't have them here and my brain is officially mush so you'll just have to wait. So there!


Alyssa's Mom said...

I am glad you're back!

Lauri said...

Hoping all is back to normal soon, love all the fun pics too

marythemom said...

Hope you are doing better now. I've not been by here for awhile (because I've become obsessed with reading thepioneerwoman.com ). But I'm here if you need me.

Glad you enjoyed the books. My Heather says that as soon as she finishes reading the American Girl books she'll send them on to you.

Texas Mary