Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More of the same

On J, yesterday was really beyond horrible. There aren't words to describe it. I went for a Reiki treatment yesterday and the Reiki master put a stone on my solar plexus and when she started doing Reiki there my stomach started thumping very hard. Really weird. When she got through I asked her if she felt it and she did and described it. Turns out she was sending Reiki to J through my solar plexus. I made the short drive (5 minutes) home and by the time I got there things had improved. I could start breathing again. I made her practice sticking her tongue out, growling and being disrespectful while jumping rope. Then when she stopped jumping I had her spanking herself. (She's been hitting herself alot and she's supposed to be working on being gentle with herself) I figured since she was practicing everything else she could just practice hurting herself by spanking herself (cause she can't hurt her fanny) while growling, sticking out her tongue and being disrespectful. This may not have been a good idea but I was running out of options. Plus I really wanted to spank her because she was being so horrid so it was a little plus for me too. She practiced all of this for an hour then she had a bath and Chris (Reiki master) told me to have her pick out some crystals then lay on the Reiki table putting the crystals wherever she felt the "yuckies" and keeping her hands over them. Then she's supposed to ask Sarial (her angel) to send a thousand angels to help her feel better. So she did this too last night. She really loved it. Tonight I will try to remember to take a picture of Sarial and post it here tomorrow. After J went to bed I smudged the house and cleaned the crystals.

This morning was better with the teacher but it went downhill fast after snack time. Very ODD, refused to do tapping, breathing exercises, jump, rubbing, she couldn't be re-directed to do anything.

Thanks Gerri for reminding me about the Volcano book. I'll find it tonight. It's at home somewhere. I just made a copy of The Secret Inside Your Brain (AT recommended having her do this every 6 months so I made copies) to have her work through tonight. This afternoon Chris is coming to help me (God bless her!) do a Reiki treatment on her @ 5 to get rid of some of the bad energy. Hanging on for therapy tomorrow.


Alyssa's Mom said...

I have never heard of The Secret inside your Brain. Can you explain? Is it something I should try with Alyssa?

I'm curious??????

Tudu said...

I am so glad you are open to trying new things and they help. I think there is something in the air b/c mine are crazy right now, too.

Lauri said...

Hoping things get better, my reiki master once told me, if you ever feel yourself getting emotional, but do not want to cry ( like in a meeting for instance) to cover your solar plexus, with your hands, purse, folder... whatever

This has worked for me in the past when an old boss always made me cry in meetings and I felt then that once I started weeping, i lost a ton of energy and stamina to stand up for myself

Keep up the great energy work

Unspeakable Joy said...

i'll have to check out that workbook, thanks. and glad you found me back! :)
by the way, we're completely out of oranges already. :)