Friday, August 29, 2008

Your Funnies for the Day

These were posted on a forum for RAD many months ago.

You know you're a RAD Mom when...

you suspect that the cat is limping because your child hurt his paw.

you panic when someone says your daughter is in the other room with a

you're cleaning up poop that you've found under the bed (and it's not
a pet's poop!)

you hear a child cry in the same room as your child, and you wonder
what your child did to that child.

your child goes up to strangers to ask them to buy her something
because Mom won't buy it for her. (Mom knows that she really doesn't
even want it and will destroy it anyway.)

you get upset when people give her things that you know she will just
destroy in a few minutes.

your child says she's hungry five minutes after she's eaten and makes
others believe that you're refusing to feed her.

you suspect your child of stealing whenever you can't find something
(and you're almost always right).

you don't believe the first answer your child gives you. You'll get
quite a few answers and may never get the truth from your child.

you cringe when someone (who does not know your child well) says that
you have a such a sweet child.

And you tuck your child into bed, turn on the alarm to their room and turn in yourself, locking your bedroom door behind you..............

You know you're a RAD mom when you take one child to be tested for STD after
molestation by another one and find yourself thinking, there one more task
off my to do list.....

you know you're a RAD mom when the threat of a snow day sets you into

you know you're a RAD mom when you know all the locks, alarms and security
devices and where to find them in your area

You know you're a RAD mom when you have 4 different phone numbers to get in
touch with the therapist and have the police on speed dial!

you know you're a RAD mom when you automatically check under your child's window in search or urine or feces

you know you're a RAD mom when you've contacted the fire dept to find out what locks you can LEGALLY put on your child's windows

you know you're a RAD mom when you purposely cut down a tree because it's too close to your child's windows

you know you're a RAD mom you your child's timeline is 4x as long as yours - and you're 3x older!

You know you're a RAD mom when you know all the psychiatrists in your city
and a 30 mile radius and which ones take medicaid........

You know the names of most psychotropic drugs

You know you're a RAD mom when your money is being spent on replacing things
your child has broken, medications, shelters, attorneys, RTC's

You know you're a RAD mom when you dread holidays and birthdays........

You know you're a RAD mom when your:
*Every adult at your child's school knows him by his name and hug.

When you look at your bookcase and it's filled with books on attachment,
trauma, adoption along with other books on various learning disabilities and
a copy of Wright's Law and you have yet another book on trauma waiting in
the wings to be read!

When your friends ask you what you've been reading and you rattle off the
name of some research article and you're actually excited talking about it!

You know you're a RAD mom when...

you find a pile of caramels vomited under her bed and don't even gag.

You're kid can projectile vomit on you from 6 feet away.

You're 5 y/o can take an entire door frame off in 10 minutes or less with her bare hands. 100+ nails

You're 7 y/o will stand looking at you and pee right on the carpet instead of walking 5 ft to use the bathroom.

You're kid looks like their head is going to spin around on their shoulders at any moment.

Now here are Torina's additions.


Torina said...

Loved this. I linked to it and added some of my own :)

Leaders In Learning said...

How RADically perfect!


Cindy said...

Yep to them all....

Brenda said...

Yes. But how great is it to have a group of mom's who understand!

Brenda said...

I have something for you at my blog.

Unspeakable Joy said...

oh my, the poor cat... i'll have to add some if i get the energy!