Thursday, August 21, 2008

Since my discovery of The Therapy Shoppe, I found a couple things I got for J. Hoping they prove helpful. One of them was this which is a struggle for a lot of kids. This was the other thing which will hopefully just help accentuate all the tools that she is already using. I'll let you know if they are helpful at all.

As is always with a radalicious kid it is 2 steps forward and one back. Tuesday & Wednesday she made about 5 steps forward and has now taken about 2 back. But that's still 3 steps up so that is wonderful!

There's a good bit of whining going on for some reason and just general out of sorts but nothing major. When I went in her room this morning she was giving Reiki to herself so that was encouraging. Anything she can do to be a part of her recovery is a good thing. Plus being willing to do something different.

I love Pioneer Woman and I stalk her site regularly! One of this morning's post was about chores and she bragged about this book, Choreganizers. We don't typically have a problem with this but I thought it was a very clever idea so I thought I'd share. Especially how it tells the child "how" to do the chore. Boy! I sure could've saved some work for myself if I'd had one of these a couple of years ago! Pretty cool!


Alyssa's Mom said...

I think our kids are conspiring!

If I hear any more whining I think I will lose my mind. I told Alyssa this morning that if any more whining came out of her mouth today, I would be forced to beat her!

She laughed at me...I get no respect!

Thorn said...

Dang, Lisa, now that you know how to make links you're going to be doing it non-stop!

J's doing Reiki on herself sounds like a great sign. I don't know if it's your daily list of gratefulness or what but you seem impressively able to be aware of the good as well as the obvious bad.

Torina said...

Thanks for the links to the Therapy Shoppe!! That is AWESOME> Iam definitely getting the one about social cues for my little Tara!!!