Monday, July 21, 2008

Falling down with gratitude

Chrissi is gone on vacation to NYC, Boston, DC, and Niagra Falls with a group of German Au Pairs so this leaves J staying with Mrs. Kacak until I get off work. Now usually a huge transition like this is really hard for my baby girl. It would usually result in meltdowns because that's what you do when you're emotionally 2/3. J had a great day. Things were a little tricky before lunch but she was able to talk about it and move on. More beaming from proud mom.....

She wrote a lovely thank you note to Mrs. Kacak:

Dear Mrs. Kacak,
Thank you for the spelling book. Thank you for the children's thesaurus book. Thank you for the children's dictionary book. Thank you for the children's encyclopedia book. I'm going to have a blast with these books!
Pretty great for 1st Grade! I purchased these books and decided to let Mrs. K take the credit for them to give her some more power.

Tonight she had time to play with her poppers and she had a great time helping in the kitchen for dinner. Right after I had put her in the bed I realized that she hadn't thrown a fit during the transition so I went right back in her room.

Mom: Honey bunny do you realize that you had a huge transition today?

J: I did????

Mom: Yes, ma'am. Miss Chrissi was gone and you spent the whole day with Mrs. K and didn't throw a fit.

J: Wow! I didn't! I am really proud of myself!

Mom: Me too honey bunny!

J: I'll just bet I can do that again tomorrow!

Fingers crossed for her...

They're still dredging & diving for the body. Please Lord let them find him soon. We heard today that he was swimming and started feeling bad so he told his wife to bring the boat closer so he could hold on to the side. Before she got to him he went under. 53 y/o. How sad for his family...

Really bad storm heading our way so I've got to check out soon.

Ok....I've been really lazy lately and we haven't been doing our gratitude lists at dinner. My bad... So tonight we had to make up for some lost time so hang in there:

1. Rain
2. Homegrown tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, silver queen corn
3. The hands that grew them & the hearts that shared them.
4. A great weekend
5. No meltdowns

J's Gratitude:
1. Having a blast in school
2. Riding my scooter, bike and playing with my hula hoop
3. Excited to see mom
4. Mrs. K letting me look at pictures of reptiles and mammals online.
5. Having a great time at lake
6. Got to see Daddy G
7. Going swimming
8. Making cookies with mom
9. Daddy G reading to me
10. Daddy G for taking me for a boat ride
11. Playing bubbles with Daddy G
12. Getting to pet Puddin
13. Books from Mrs. K
14. Going to the beauty parlor
15. Playing in the bumper boat
16. Playing ball with Mom


Torina said...

love the picture!

Tudu said...

I am thrilled you all are having a breakthrough with such wonderful times lately. She is such a beautiful child and you are both so lucky to have each other.