Friday, July 25, 2008

Napper has a new foster mom!

God bless my friend, Sandy, for helping me find Napper a foster home. It was hard to do but I know it would've been so much harder for J if we had waited 3 more weeks. She had meltdowns last night and ALL day today. It was really funny ( it's funny). I had let the dogs out to potty and J decided to throw a big screamer for who knows what. I had opened the door to call the dogs back and usually it takes a few minutes to get them both inside. They heard J and came running to protect me. I mean in a FLASH! got interesting for a few minutes.

I had to meet Sandy at 7 in C'ville to transfer Napper. J & I talked about appropriate reactions to Napper leaving. She did really great while we were with Sandy but as we were pulling out of the parking lot she started crying real. genuine tears and talking about her feelings and that she was going to miss him. I pulled into another parking lot and let her crawl up in my lap to comfort her. She started feeling a little better and I said, "why don't we go see Big Mama"? (G's mother) J didn't get a chance to answer because there goes Priscilla (Big Mama's weekend caretaker & driver) and Big Mama driving through the parking lot. I was the crazy woman running across the parking lot to catch them. Hope no one I know saw that. ;-0

So J got to see Big Mama for a few. It always makes me a little sad to see her because now she doesn't remember us (Alzheimer's) and it always stings since she's been a part of my life for over 30 years but I know it's part of it. Been there done that with my grandmother. But it still stings.

Then of course we had to go to the DQ and get a milkshake. Yep I know J's shouldn't have dairy but sometimes nothing fixes a heart quite like chocolate milkshakes. Home to bed and hopefully tomorrow's going to be a better day.

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Sandy
2. Sandy
3. Sandy
4. Sandy
5. Sandy

J's Gratitude: (yep...she did one even though she was Bad Attitude Betsy today)
1. Napper will have a great new home tonight
2. Homegrown blueberries in my Cheerios
3. Learning about shadows in science
4. Awesome Teacher
5. I have my own room

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