Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a New World Record!

J had 5 straight days of really trying hard and having great days. I am beaming with pride. Can you see the glow where you are????

Now the last 2 days have been difficult for her but we've attributed it to Mrs. Kacak having a hard time in her personal life right now and J seems to be feeding off it since she doesn't have really good boundaries yet. We worked out things for J to do if Jessi felt bad today...being helpful, getting her a glass of water, making good choices so that Jessi isn't more stressed, etc. Hoping it helps but still happy to have 5 straight days.

Sunday & Monday she did salt baths which really cleansing for toxins. 1lb sea salt and 1lb baking soda, soaking for 20 minutes. I set her up with soft music, glasses of water (she gets really thirsty doing this) and candles. You know....a big girl bath.... Well...for people who actually have the patience to sit in the tub. I am not one of those.... She gets out of the bath really relaxed and yawning. Her sleep is much deeper and less hyper-vigilant after these baths.

Yesterday she had way toooooo much energy. Like jumping out of her skin energy. Could hardly calm down enough to work in therapy. I think I made the mistake of giving her Reiki 2 days in a row which is something I don't usually do. Note to self: no more Reiki until a little calmness appears.

New technique from AT to switch up the brain: Sit on floor with feet stretched out in front. Put right hand over left hand and pull into the power-sitting hook-up position. Put left foot over right foot. Put tongue on roof of mouth and breathe in a short breath. Close mouth and exhale slowly through the nose. Repeat breathing technique 15 times. Worked like a charm!

Today we are heading to the p-doc for a med refill. 2 hours getting there, 1 hour in office, 3-4 hours home since we'll be sitting in the moving parking lot that is Atlanta. Yippee...insert sarcasm here. Tomorrow is hair snipping day for J.

Hoping to order the Brain Gym teachers edition tomorrow (if I can find it) so that we can start doing that at home too.

My friend, Chris suggested a "dream catcher" in her room and I think that's a great idea. J will love the story.

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Torina said...

We all have dreamcatchers in my home. My son collects them. They are a pretty "trap" for the bad dreams. Glad that things are looking up :) and then they go down a little bit. It is nice when the good days outnumber the bad ones isn't it?