Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Lies Beneath....

He's still below the surface. I am so praying that they find him instead of having to wait till the water flips in October.

J has been playing dumb blonde all day. (No offense to all the blondes out there, natural or bottle). Ya know it's kinda cute the first time but by the 1000th it's not so darn cute anymore. I sent her to her room a few minutes ago to go find her brain or someone else's. Really didn't matter which it was just as long as she had one. It took about 5 minutes and she did find hers which is a relief. ;-0

Picked Napper up from the vet after the dentist visit and have decided to just be his foster mom. So any of you dog lovers out there that is looking for a fabulous dog...I'm your girl. Plus he's free with all problems fixed. He's a really awesome dog. Very kind, loving, well-mannered, good disposition, trainable, intelligent and cute as a button....well he will be when his hair grows out. Would be a great lap dog. Right now he kind of resembles a skinned rat. eek But give him a week or two and he'll be as cute as pie and look just like Mr. Muttley who is a friend of mine. How I wish his Mom, Mary Alice, (really awesome woman) would consider him as an addition to her family.

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Anne said...

Just delurking to say I really enjoy your blog. You are doing an amazing job with your little girl! I am in the process of adopting my 1 year old daughter Elizabeth from the Foster Care system. If you would like to check out my blog feel free to email me at and I'll send you an invite.