Friday, July 18, 2008

More good days....

No med change since J is maintaining very well. We had a great time hanging out yesterday afternoon. She was lots of fun to be around. 10 minute p-doc appt (whoo hoo) got us out in time to hit the health food store and get the heck out of the dodge before the moving parking lot started. I pined (and whined) as I passed Pappadeaux's but I didn't want to risk the parking lot fiasco. I do not do moving slower than a snails pace well. Knowing full well that I probably scared PeWee this week with our phone conversation. I am a full speed ahead, don't slow down for anything but animals & children kinda girl. So.....I just had to dream about crawfish etoufee instead. North of the "parking lot" we had dinner and made a quick trip to Sam's for a big bag of baking soda for J's baths.

Quick stop to drop off Monya's wheat free items that I picked up at the health food store. After J was in the bed I started googling wheat free items for my mom. She just recently discovered that she is allergic to wheat so we're all in the process of trying to find foods that could replace. It's astonishing all the products that wheat is in! I read enough to just get me curious enough to wonder if this could be contributing to J's serious farting problems. Seriously people, the child farts like Uncle Arnold in How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Wednesday morning she had to have another bath before she started school because she reeked from 10ft away!!! The wheat allergy didn't show up when she tested positive for bovine allergies (she can have goat milk/cheese) and there are a high number of RAD kids that have an allergy to milk so not shocking.

The thought of having to change our diet even more is a revolting thought so I am going to start doing a food/fart journal somehow (I know you are praying at this very moment that it won't be here) and see if we can trace it back to food. Oh joy of joys.....

Waiting to hear how G did at the Grand Ole Opry last night. I am sure he will be feeling like a rockstar again today. Chrissi is leaving in the morning for her 2nd (10th) vacation. This time she's going to NY, Boston, DC, Niagra Falls and she's really excited.

Jessi is out sick today with strep so J is working on her Saturday chores. Chrissi will drop J & Puddin off this afternoon at my office and we'll head to the beauty parlor to see Robin for a snip (J not me), grocery stop & to my lakehouse for a weekend of swimming and just being generally lazy. Whoo hoo!

Please pray for my friend, Torina. Rough times right now and she could use some extra ones going up.


Torina said...

Thank, Lisa. As for the farting, I have wondered myself if this is a RAD thing. My daughter did this for the first year. She held her poop which is what made her fart like crazy. But it was like she would save those stinkers for us when she was near us and then let em rip. And they would stink like death. And when I say held her poop, that girl could hold it for weeks. It got to the point where we were worried she would rupture her colon. But she eventually let that control tactic go after we quit giving it attention and encouraged her to hold it more (in our case, doing the opposite of what is your gut reaction nearly always works :). Hope you get your little stinkbomb figured out :)

Torina said...

One more's not one for "ladies" of which I am not. I was thinking more about the tootin' thing. One thing that did not work was calling Tara "Toots McGee" but it was fun for us :) ha ha. But one thing that DID work and I should probably have done this comment anonymously so don't judge...fart on her. Seriously. Fart on her. I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back for us. I'm not much of a farter mcstarter, but I can let out a good ol' belch any time. I remember one time, at a restaurant, Tara decided to let out a stinker, so I made like I was going to whisper in her ear, cupped the hand and let out a nice juicy burp in her cute little ear. Then I said with a super smile, "That was in exchange for your juicy toot."

Later that night, when JB was tucking Tara in to bed, he let out a loud smelly one and said, "You don't mind if I do it around you do you? Whew! That stunk!"

We did it a few more times after that spontaneously. Worked like a charm.

PeWee said...

Who me?! Yeah, our convo was overwhelming for me, definitely. (Hangs head in shame.) I still have the list of resources and have even checked out a few! I guess I process things in small bits. :) With everything we talked about it will take me a while! The information is invaluable to to and I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and knowledge!