Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Quick Tip

This is another quick tip to new bloggers, to go with the other tip, I blogged about earlier this morning. It changed my life. ;-) I kept missing new comments because people would comment on a post that happened several days before and I didn't know about it until I would "just happen" to be looking back on past posts on my blog. Then I discovered the new tip.

Go to Settings then click on the Comments tab. All the way at the bottom it will give you a place to put your email address. Add your email address of choice. No one sees it but you if your worried about spammers, psychos, etc. Every time you get a comment on your blog you'll get a nice little email with the nice little comment that some sweet person left you. Then you feel all loved and special and stuff. No really do!

That's my tips for the day. Two posts in one day! See how much time I have when I'm not spazzing out about being the education enforcer?

Have a blessed day!
Given up

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CJ Merrell said...

gotta get me a "Bloggin' for Dummies" We'll see on the next post if I got the email on comments down.

On being a great mom -- I think I'm a hero until I read other mom's blogs about their R.A.D. kids and it gives me perspective...

Thanks for sharing your real stories.. I can't wait to share one of those-- And there are MANY! We have a red punching bag outside.. You should see this white girl's flailing arms of frustration on my really bad days. It makes me laugh to think what I look like. But it's not funny when I'm getting my frustrations out on it. Maybe one day I'll post a picture of that.. scary. I'm inspired and encouraged by your stories. Keep going!