Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So Much Progress

AT was very impressed with the progress that J has made in the past couple of days. I am still so grateful that she's open-minded about J's treatment. She has known since the beginning that J would require many interventions to help her heal due to J's severity on the spectrum of RAD. It was the first time EVER that she checked her energy and it wasn't flipped. She checks it first thing before each therapy session by muscle testing.

There's so much to this energy business and I am still confused by most of it but I can give you a little tip (if I can explain it right). Have your spouse hold their arm straight out by their side. (If they put up both arms like this they would be shaped like a letter t.) Put your hand on their wrist. Ask them to say, "My name is ________ (insert their correct name here)." Once they have said it tell them to hold their arm up as you press down on their wrist towards the floor. It won't budge. Then ask them to say (with their arm still out and your hand on their wrist), "My name is Suzy Q." Tell them to resist (hold their arm up) and press down on their wrist. Their wrist will push down easily. Hint: You can always check to see if someone is lying with this. Once you've tried this on your spouse or someone other than your Radalicious kid (sorry Christine-had to steal that one) then try it on a kid. You might get some interesting results.

J worked really hard in AT today. During dinner she said that she really wanted to get all of the yuckies out and she wanted to work hard on her life. We talked about how many people she had in her life that was working so diligently to help her get all the negative energy and yuckies out of her. We talked about the AT, Ms. Chris (reiki master) and me. Then I told her that sometime soon that Ms. Donna (who did the pastel of angel Sarial), Ms. Donna's husband, Dudley, Ms. Chris, Ms. Kristy (AT) and I were going to have a Reiki session to help all the negative energy and anger to leave her body. That we were all going to work with her at once to help lots of yuckies leave. J's response, "Really????? Mom, I am such a lucky girl to have so many people helping me." Yep she is but I was shocked that she saw herself as lucky. That was really neat.

While she was jumping rope her side started hurting. She sat down and I asked her if she remembered that she could give herself Reiki to make the pain go away. Oh yeah mom! So she started givingWhile she was jumping rope I asked her if she thought she should take a shower or salt/soda bath. Immediately she said salt bath. While I was running her salt/soda bath she asked if she could put some crystals in the bath with her. Ms. Chris (she is a Reiki Master and an ordained minister) had told her yesterday that she could put crystals in the tub with her and they would give her positive energy and help the yuckies get out. I was so over the moon that she is using the tools she has been given to help the yuckies move out. She is choosing to be a part of her healing and making a conscious choice to work on her life. As most of us know, that half the battle is to admit that something is wrong and to want to change it. Once you become willing to change lots of little miracles start happening.

And just in case you're wondering, Day Three is a success too! Not a word or a peep out of me.

Still me...letting go....turning it up.

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Oh and my confession of the day is that:

I. Hate. Shopping!

You see... now you're asking yourself if I am really a woman. A woman that hates shopping & ice cream. There has to be something wrong with her. Yep. But y'all already knew that.

C.J. Merrell, you are a hero!

Thanks Joy for letting me know it's actually a chain link on top of the world instead of a little hat. :-)


Torina said...

I too hate shopping and I can live without ice cream. Glad your daughter is doing better. She seems like a really smart kid.

Alyssa's Mom said...

OK- two comments...

1)YEAH J!!!! You are an awesome kid! Keep up the hard work!

2)You are a freak! Shopping and icecream? WHO ARE YOU??????????

Kelly said...

So glad things are going well right now. You are both blessed to have each other.

I don't like shopping either. I make a list, wait until the last possible minute to go and run in and get only what I have to. Can't get over the ice cream thing though :)

Perspective RAD said...

You crack me up.. No shopping, no ice-cream... lol. I would rather stay home on the couch (quiet -- the boys gone) read a book with a good cup of hot tea.

Do you have any links, resources for the energy work?

There have been times we simply sit down with our son, hold him if he will let us and pray. Especially when he's super angry, and hateful -- just gets to a point of not being able to function. It works very very well. But I had no idea about the Reiki -- would like to get some more info.

WAY TO GO LISA & J!!! another victory for the book! pssssssssssss and your sanity of course.. that's where my greatest victories lay -- when I can say "I didn't totally lose it today .. yeah me." lol..

marythemom said...

I like shopping, but only in places where I can get a bargain. No mall shopping for me. At the Salvation Army they know me by name and give me special deals!

Ice cream I can take or leave, but chocolate... if you don't like chocolate -then I will have to question your humanity! LOL!

You love to read and have good taste in books, so I know that we will be great friends for a long time!

Texas Mary - with 4 kids not 2. Only 1 with RAD, one with "attachment issues", one 5'7" 12 year old girl who is prepubescent, and my little love, who's sweet little boy kisses and back popping hugs keep me going - my youngest.
No blog for me. I'm already told I spend way too much time on the computer by everyone's therapists. *sigh*

Unspeakable Joy said...

yay on the lucky comment!! if these kids only realized how much love they were getting!!