Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oppositional Defiant

This weekend was a very (ODD) weekend for J. As all you RAD moms know that if you just tell them to do the opposite of what you actually want them to do they will do what you want. Didn't. Work.


Very clingy with G. Would walk on the other side of him to keep from holding my hand, etc. Sitting next to him at breakfast.... In essence trying to push my buttons. Didn't. Work.

Yeah for me!

I was off yesterday and J stayed with Chrissi. I layed in the bed until noon (not asleep) at the lake! Gasp! Watched Gustav on CNN all morning.
At noon I finally got out of the bed at noon and dragged my sorry fanny to the couch and watched 27 Dresses. Finally got dressed at 2:30 just before G got home from work at 3. Enjoyed some quality time with him until 6ish and made it home just in time to kiss J goodnight.


Tudu said...

I think it is very rude to flaunt that in our faces! Really, I am so glad you had some time to yourself.

Kelly said...

Oh, so glad you had a break. Good for you!!!

CJ Merrell said...

that's what I'm talkin' about! If I had more down time,things would be so much easier.. Good for you taking a break! I'm usually so overwhelmed at free time anyway that I just lay on the couch with the glazed look-- day dreaming. 8)

Unspeakable Joy said...

yay for your peaceful day!!!!