Monday, September 29, 2008

Crazy Straws

The harping about the importance of a RAD child "sucking" "with their cheecks" on a bottle is about to end. I promise. I remembered from somewhere that it can be helpful for them to use a crazy straw like you will see here. Because of yet again, the sucking motion. Now why I did not figure out that J had to "suck" on the bottle is still beyond me. Brain fart I suppose. So now I'm incorporating the crazy straws back onto the dinner table. We did it for about a month a year or so ago but I am dragging them back out of the booby-trapped drawer in the kitchen.

Really increasing J's baby time right now as she is still struggling and it seems to be very calming and soothing to her. G seems to think it's ridiculous and will not even sit in the same room while we have baby time but that's ok too. Reading to her while she's soaking in a salt/soda bath is calming as well. She sleeps soooo much better after a salt/soda bath. That is 1 lb sea salt and 1 lb baking soda which is about 2 cups of each.

Friday and yesterday were especially hard but trudging through as best we can.


Tudu said...

I remember Barbra and Janice telling me about the straws. My kids chewed every one up. We had to wait over a year to try again.

Perspective RAD said...

We do a softie blanket that he likes to hold and a binkie, sometimes a bottle. I get the same scary comments and remarks from the rest of the family. Oh well.. You are a great Mom! Go with your gut!

Alyssa's Mom said...

Jeff wants to do baby time with Alyssa, but she will have none of it.

When she wants baby time, she wants her mommy!

Stay strong, YOU ARE AN AWESOME MOM!!!

Unspeakable Joy said...

sorry about the tough times! i'm not sure i can calm my daughter since the baby time freaks her out. anytime we're close freaks her out, so we're still working up to things. i'm so glad you have great ways to calm!

Lisa said...