Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Wednesday!!!!

Yesterday J did well all day with Jessi then as soon as I walked in the door....BOOM! Restraint time again. Really upping the ante for her and keeping her right by my side All.The.Time.

Well...the good news is J did well in the Reiki session last night and this morning was started without a restraint. Yeah! Salt/baking soda bath and baby time after session.

I am always excited about Wednesday's because it's THERAPY DAY!!! Woo hoo! Doing a little happy dance! A big session is planned today. Chris is coming to do Reiki and we'll start the session off with all 3 of us doing Reiki on her. I just dropped off the Reiki table at Kristy's office so that J won't have a clue.

There's alot I can't explain here but I am asking you to trust me and to pray that a large amount of yuckies will turn loose and leave today. Praying for miracles and expecting them.


Alyssa's Mom said...

As always, Love and Prayers to you and J.

Oh, and Lisa. Just for you....


Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear you could both use a decrease in yuckies. I really hope this helps.

Torina said...

I hope therapy helps today. You need a break.