Friday, September 5, 2008

Winding down -edited

Emergency attachment therapy with Kristy (AT) yesterday proved to be very helpful. While there it was discovered that since we've uncovered all these new demons J is having another internal struggle believing that I will not give up on her. Her energy was flipped again and Kristy was able to flip it again. Here is a direct quote from AT to Chris on the other blog we keep to just focus on therapies:

Lisa will probably want to add to this, but the session was very positive. We worked on straightening out J's energy; she was able to relate to being afraid her awesome mom might not be able to handle the evil yuckies (and her fear is higher, so her basic fear of not trusting her care-giver - awesome mom - is ratcheted up). She received reassurance from mom.

When Lisa first adopted J, J would eat other people's food and restaurant food, but not Lisa's food. Lisa took her for mexican before our appt, just to see, and J gobbled up her food. We processed this as well. Then we did some regressive work with J sitting in mom's lap, being fed warm, soft cookies with a baby spoon and drinking apple juice. It was hard for J to maintain eye contact with Lisa, but she did relax and I thought the energy/aura around her was much more peaceful than I have seen in awhile.

She is still really scared and as a result gets giddy/silly when we work on the heart connection with Lisa. But, at the end of the session her energy was strong and more focused and she was determined, at least for tonight to be strong, good and kind to her awesome mom. We called on AA Michael and J called on her angel, Sarial, who brought her thousands and will stay with her all night holding her hand.

I did regressive (bottle feeding & spoon feeding) while cradling ALOT when J first arrived but thought she was past it as it no longer had the great affect. I still do regressive work with J at home albeit not near enough and I am going to make a concerted effort to do this more often right now. Kristy also pointed out that it's VERY important that J SUCK on the bottle's nipple to get the juice out rather than chew on the nipple. It is REALLY important for her brain to suck while looking in my eyes. I did not know that. Just assumed that it was ok to do this. Point taken and correction made.

Chris has given her a new prayer to say to the yuckies:

“ 'I am a child of God. You will not influence me any longer. You are no longer welcome. You must leave. I command this in the name of God and in the name of Jesus Christ.' ”

"Say this 3 times whenever she seems to be at her worst. Say it also, three times, before she retires in the evening and once she awakens in the morning – before anything else. It is important that you keep commanding, as opposed to demanding.

There are more details to this prayer that I'm not going to blog about here but Texas Mary & Gerri, you know what I'm talking about.

J now has the prayer memorized as we worked diligently on it last night.

We are winding down to Chrissi's last days in America. We will leave to take her to the airport at lunch on Monday. Sad to see her go but it is the best for all of us and I know she's excited to see her family. Her family is going to be shocked at what an independent woman she has become.
I am taking avantage of the last days by taking a break this weekend so that I can come back recharged & revitalized.

More winding down in that my aunt, Cheryl (father's sister) is now in a coma and it's only a matter of hours that she has yet to fight.

John is still in CCU and waiting to see if the doctors can come up with a plan.

To end on a high note I discovered this site by total accident. The 30 Day Gourmet is a woman after my own heart. I have been making and freezing meals from all my favorite recipes for years now to make life easier. Folks....I even freeze mashed potatoes!!! So why bother getting this cook book??? Because I loved that she had grocery lists that I can download (keep me from having to write All.That.Stuff.), ways to organize my freezer meals and that she had a wonderful set of freezer lunches that can be used for kids that go to brick and mortar schools and working parents. I'm going to try doing the latter and save some money on lunches. She even has some vegetarian meals I'm going to try. It's wonderful to be able to have a REAL dinner on the table in 15 minutes or less and it'll be even better to have some new freezable recipes. So if you want a huge timesaver give this a try. She led me to another site that had wonderful ideas on frozen breakfast because that's when I really stress. Trying to have a healthy, filling breakfast and get me out the door to work at the same time. I may have to put another freezer on my wish list. :-)


Alyssa's Mom said...

You always manage to boost my spirits even when you don't know I need it!

Rest up and enjoy your weekend! It is really hard on the heart when we our kids make so much progress, only to get scared and slam the door shut again! I just got the door slammed in my face last night!

Tomorrow is another day! Here is to sunshine instead of clouds!

Love ya!

Linda B. said...

I have been going back reading previous blog posts now and thought I should let you know! I find support reading your stories and your sense of humor is good for my soul. I'm finally learning about RAD. I've missed alot with my daughter who just turned 16--we adopted her as an infant, but she has the diagnosis along with FAE, and some others. Thanks for sharing your stories...hope you don't mind that I link to you on my blog!

Kelly said...

Hope you are having a wonderful relaxing weekend!!!!! :)

CJ Merrell said...

Psalms 34 The whole chapter is good. But the verse that came to mind was Psalms 34:7 "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them."
You were hand picked for J. Thank you for taking on this battle with great tenacity and perseverance! You keep me going..