Monday, September 22, 2008

My Mom and more

Thanks for all the prayers. It's been really appreciated.
Come to find out Mom's regular doctor prescribed a diuretic to go along with her blood pressure meds since her b/p meds haven't been working as well. This is a BIG problem because my mother has another condition that makes her have to drink water All.The.Time. (honestly...that's what her heart dr prescribed). If she doesn't drink water constantly she immediately passes out. She melts like a puddle onto the floor. So it goes without saying the diuretics were working against having to drink all the water so her sodium level bottomed out. By the time my dad got her to the hospital her b/p was 195/124. Very scary! They gave her an additional med to go with her b/p meds and told her to drink nothing but pedialyte or gatorade and eat extra salt. Today she goes to her heart dr and I am hoping she will inquire about a regular physician that will COMMUNICATE with her heart DR!

On the home front, we are still struggling. J is struggling with losing Chrissi and some days it drives me bonkers. Pushing to get in lots of baby time (remembering that she has to suck on the bottle) and snuggle time. Also using crazy straws with her mealtime drinks which is helpful for the sucking motions for her brain too.

I am still struggling because I. Miss. Chrissi. She was my daughter and friend for a year and now she is on another continent and it HURTS. Chrissi is not doing too well herself and is struggling too.

Lots of stress going on to with John having heart surgery, my aunt dying, then my mom, I've had the flu or some silliness. I am tired folks. Linda put it well here.

By 8:30 this AM I already had a phone call this morning that J was trying to be mean to Puddin, then threw a holy roller meltdown with the beating of the walls, doors, etc.

It is Monday.


Kelly said...

Oh Lisa, I am praying for you.

Alyssa's Mom said...

Sorry you are sad.

It must be really scary for J to have Chrissi leave. She must feel very vulnerable. Thank God she has you!

Stay strong, like you always tell me,

Anonymous said...

Lisa, loosing someone you have gotten to love is always hard, but remember that she will always be in your heart and you in hers.
Its the unfortunate part of life and those that enter into ours. Im glad to hear that your mother is doing better.
You will always be in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers.
Keep hanging in there you are truly loved and a fantastic mom.
Love ya

Lauri said...

Hang in there.. hoping for better health and better times soon

Christine said...

Hi. I 'm new to your blog and I am trying to figure out your story. Hopefully I will. :)