Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't hit publish before you finish

My butt is draggin and I am tired. I know J is going through some stuff. I am not going to quit on her or the therapies that I KNOW will help her in the long run. Nope. Even though I know it would make it easier right now. I am not a quiter. But I am butt draggin tired and frustrated and sad (probably mad too if I'm REALLY honest) and just trying to put one foot in front of the other. I am soooo out of patience but I try not to show it to the princess.

Last night when we got home after AT and she walked in the door in front of me saying, "Iggy goes first!" On the inside I said, "oh no she just didn't!!!!) (Iggy is her pet name that I call her that is short for Ignoramus since she STILL isn't going to school and NO she has no idea what it means and I don't use it in a sarcastic tone of voice. Sometimes it's Wiggy Iggy when she's wigging out.) She got the pleasure of sitting outside in our glorious fall weather for a bit. Again...patience has left the building.

This morning she threw a screaming, kicking fit on Jessi and I am thankful Jessi didn't get hurt. G goes over to my house and tries to talk her in his Oh J is soooo pitiful voice. Now J....we don't hit our teacher....we need to go to school now let's just see if we can do what the teacher says for just an hour sweetie.... Wonder what part of "we" did that???? For 30 minutes she was actually able to follow Jessi's directions but she never made it school. *heavy sigh*
Y'all did notice that I wasn't in on any of that right????

I'm so scattered I hit post before I was through.

J is now refusing to eat again and refusing to poop again. Control on crack is what I'm talking about.

A very dear friend of mine was supposed to have a heart cath done yesterday. Dr's refused to do it. The whole bottom of his heart is blocked, he has blockages in his legs and emphysema. Doing more tests today. Before this happened he was already running on only 40% of his heart due to damage from a botched heart surgery 15 years ago.


Alyssa's Mom said...

Yay for you, not getting involved in school! That said, I think I would most definitely inform Miss J that she is wasting your money! Chores would be in order - and lots of them! Not for missing school, for wasting your money. HER CHOICE!

Put her to bed early, grab a good book(non attachment related), mix yourself a good stiff drink, and curl up on the couch!

Things will look better in the morning!

Prayers for your friend!

Anonymous said...

My dad used to use ignoramus as a pet name when we expressed surprise as kids about not knowing something. I hadn't thought of that until just now (and actually remember it fondly).

I really hope things get better for you and of course for J. It sounds to me like Alyssa's mom is giving you some good advice.

Unspeakable Joy said...

sure hope it looks up for you and your friend!!!!

marythemom said...

I call my kids goobers (you are what you eat so I feed them chocolate covered peanut goobers occasionally) and "beat" them regularly. Beating means tickling in our house - and I call it that because I can tell them I'm going to beat them (in as mean a voice as I want!), chase them around the house, beat them, get all my feelings of frustration out - and not go to jail for child abuse. It also usually changes and lightens the mood. Plus nothing makes me feel better as fast as listening to the giggles of a child.

My kids usually come up to me, stand about 5 feet away, and taunt me and want me to chase them. (In our house, if you say "Stop," the person MUST stop. So there's no tickling until you pee your pants or cry which can actually be abuse.)

Big HUGS for you and J. I know you are going to get through this.

Texas Mary

Torina said...

Man, we should get your duaghter and mine together and they can swap stories about who held their poop for longer. You are makin' memories ;)