Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This morning J was all of sorts. Couldn't do power sitting to save her life. Couldn't find her good attitude either. When I left to go to work she still couldn't find either. That's an hour of struggle. A morning filled with lovely (I'm being facetious here) devil inspired "I'm waiting on you to turn your head so I can kill you and drink your blood" looks from my dear child.

I have no idea how "babysitting" (formerly known as school) time went because you know I gave that up. I do know that it was pretty darn ugly for Chrissi yesterday afternoon. G came over for dinner. He had bought some beautiful filet mignon's that just lit up my carnivorous life. I threw them on the grill and Chrissi had baked potatoes so life was complete. An hour later J is still eating. Push, push, pushing those buttons. Opening her mouth wide to let us see the masticated steer in all it's glory. Yum! Groaning, whining and complaining dramatically to all who would listen.

Thanking God that Chris got there when she did because 4 days of this unrelentless behavior was making me want to just pinch her little head off! Things were much improved after the Reiki session. During snuggle time J said, "mama, I don't want my yuckies to leave but I DO want them to leave." Trying to be understanding because I know how hard it is to give something up even though you really want to. It's become really comfortable so it's hard to release sometimes.

This morning when I went to get her up she was STILL in a deep sleep. Yahoo! No dark circles under her eyes. (She does have a long scratch across her forehead where she must have scratched herself during her sleep.) She said that she was only up to go to the bathroom one time and then went right back to sleep. J was very in control of the yuckies today. Sweet, strong, brave J was back! Very good attitude, trying hard, being helpful, etc. No more evil, "I'm going to kill you" looks.

Whew! Another storm weathered!


Alyssa's Mom said...

Glad to see things are back on track!

Trying to catch up here after an unexpected, long weekend.

Brenda said...

Sounds like they are winding down. Maybe adjusting to "back to school"?

marythemom said...

Argh! Forgot to give morning meds to my two. When Kitty gets hyper she takes Bob with her! Oh the screaming and the hormones. So glad you're through the storm!

Texas Mary

Torina said...

Yes, the food showing is lovely isn't it? And the chewing one bite for 20 minutes is so enjoyable. Why do our kids do this crap to themselves! ODD is oh so crazy.

Unspeakable Joy said...

"I don't want my yuckies to leave but I DO want them to leave". i get this a lot from my oldest. so frustrating, yet you realize how hard it must be on their messed up little brains! glad the storm is passing!!

Kelly said...

Hoping things continue to get better as the week goes on. She is amazing and so are you. The amount of patience you must have is beyond my comprehension really.

CJ Merrell said...

well -- I KNOW the look you are talking about! -- (way more than I would like to know it, but at least now I get an "I'm sorry-Mommy" pretty quick-like afterwards.. that helps)

I too have had a hard time letting go of dark places that I find peace & safety in. Raising a RAD kid has made me more aware of that and challenge me to redefine the places I find peace and safety.

I'm so feelin' your pain right now. My nerves lately are just SHOT. Let me know if you find the secret to fix nerves! ugh! As much as I try to hide it from him, he still knows.. and can pick up on my body language. He's like a bloodhound..

don't give up!
Psalms 119:76 May your unfailing love be my comfort
88 Preserve my life according to your love...
We can't give up!

God chose you to raise this child.. I kinda take that as a backhanded compliment -- when I'm not crawling the walls from my nerves..

can you imagine what we are going to be like as empty nesters?.. God willing we ever reach that place..We are gonna need some hard core support! Seriously!.. LOL