Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post Therapy

While therapy was a challenge yesterday...A. Big. Challenge. Great improvements since though. Count them...5 restraints. J was pretty scared too. Both of us and I am sure, Kristy too, were very tired afterwards. At the end it is customary for J to thank Kristy for helping her get the yuckies out yesterday she added..."Thank you for holding me too" because she was trying to hurt herself so much.

Home for lots of baby time with warm, chocolate, goat milk after a salt/soda bath. She was exhausted, as was I. After she was tucked in I fell in the bed shortly thereafter. Pooped puppy I was.... Could've slept till noon.

I prescribed lots of laughter to Jessi this morning as laughter always makes it harder for the yuckies to stick. More unschooling going on too and she has no idea that she is learning so much.'s a secret....don't tell her or she'll quit.

The fairy came to sprinkle her last night so she was very quickly enamored this morning when she saw all the fairy dust. That darn fairy! She just shows up out of nowhere! ;-)

She is getting better at her yoga poses that Kristy suggested to help her find her center. Mountain is easy of course but the tree pose is much harder. For me too...but I am learning that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!

Thanks to each of you for all of your support. You really don't know how much I appreciate all of you. It's hard living in a RAD world at times but having great friends like you helps heaps!


Unspeakable Joy said...

hope it keeps getting better. love the fairy dust!

CJ Merrell said...

glad you are feeling better, and getting some relief..

Christine said...

Some days I can't even take it a day at a time ... just an hour at a time.

Yea for steps forward!!!

Kelly said...

Yeah for some relief and progress! Thanks for the update.

Tudu said...

I love the fairy dust!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fairy Dust is a great product! I ordered some for my nieces. I only have boys so I love things like this. Thanks for the idea.