Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year and New Beginnings

Since it's the New Year Holiday and we're all on track to start new challenges and new beginnings I thought it would be an appropriate time to post about how to change beliefs about ourselves. And for our kids to change the beliefs they have of themselves. So here goes:

How To Change a Belief

Our subconscious loves symbols and metaphors so we will use them to change a belief. You do this technique for three days, stop for three days and notice any changes. Then do it for three more days and then stop for 3 days. This technique must be done repeatedly so that your subconscious knows that you really want to change the belief.

1. Visualize yourself at the top of a staircase that leads into the basement.

2. There are ten steps on the staircase.

3. See yourself going down each step counting 1, 2, 3, 4,...

4. At the bottom on the right is a toy chest. It has something from your childhood there. Look but do not become engaged.

5. There is a secret room in the basement and only you know the way into it. (Hidden key, moving bookcase, etc.)

6. Open the door and walk into that room.

7. You see a podium in this room with a huge, official book entitled (Your name/child’s name) Book of Beliefs is written on the book in gold.

8. Open the book and see the belief that you wish to change that is written in the book. It is written in a child’s handwriting. For example, I’m not good enough, I steal, I lie, I am not loveable, etc.

9. Get enraged and tear the sheet out of the book. You notice there is a fireplace or candle in the room. Tear it up then burn it in the fireplace or with the candle which is next to the podium. Watch it become ashes.

10. You see a pen lying next to the book. Pick up the pen and change the belief to the opposite of the old belief. For example, I am good enough, I am loveable, I am honest, etc. Sign it and date it.

11. Close the book.

12. Leave the secret room, close the door and run up the ten steps on the staircase.

13. At the top of the stairs you see the child who was the age you were when you wrote the original belief. Pick him/her up and swing him/her around while explaining that you made it.

I hold J in my lap and narrate the story to her while she closes her eyes and relaxes. So it can be a great bonding time too. Use your imagination and don’t forget to do it for yourself too. Cool things happen.

P.S. J LOVED all your comments and she is so infatuated with the stickers (followers). Thank you all for putting a great big grin on her face this morning. She asked....."is this like helping people???" More on that later.


Kristina P. said...

You always have such great ideas.

BTW, I've been meaning to tell you I love your blog name change. Subtle, but sweet.

Happy New Year, Lisa!

~Dinah said...

Can we make it a room anywhere? I hate basements, lol. My mother always also talks about visualizing the does work!

Keri said...

Lisa, Thanks! Great post!I'm going to ATTEMPT to get Anastasia to try this :)

Torina said...

I love this!