Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Brave Girl

I took a poll on a private forum about what people would like to see in a tapping video for their kids.  I asked J if she would enjoy doing it and she was all on board and believe it or not, very excited about it.  Of course she's just like her mom and is all about the comments.  :)  I read her the comments from the forum and she was ready to start at that very moment.  :)

All of the things that she tapped on were things she had to deal with and we used her feelings to create a script for her to read as she tapped.  So keep in mind these were her thoughts too as she has worked very hard to break the cycle of beating herself up in her mind.  I asked her if I could share that she's had to deal with all of these issues and she was totally alright with it.  Her kind heart really wants to help others and in particular, other kids.  She also knows it's very hard work and that if she practices using all her tools when she's regulated that she's more apt to use them when she is struggling.  That which you teach you learn and it cements the lesson in your brain.

She knows that the more you try to hide how you really feel the more the feelings will expand and eventually explode.  By acknowledging that you do feel a certain way about yourself that takes the power away from it.  You cannot repair what you do not acknowledge.

We can be our own worst enemies with our internal dialogue.  This is about giving voice to our worst fears and thoughts and letting them go.  We didn't use a lot of "totally love and accept myself's" on purpose because if your kid isn't ready to hear that about themselves it's better to bring it in slowly.  Watch it yourself before your child does just to make sure the words are alright for your child's issues.

Close to the end you'll be serenaded by a boat passing and there was a little snafu in the script (but it's been corrected in the printed script below.  Sorry about that.

So proud of J.  She was so brave!

More videos to come. (not tonight) Get ready. :)  Script below:

Even though I feel like I suck as a kid, I totally accept myself.

Even though people in my past taught me I was unloveable, I’m a great kid.

Even though I believed those people who taught me I was unloveable, I accept myself.

Even though I treat my mom like I hate her, I’m a great kid and my mom totally loves me.

Even though I can’t show anyone I love them because it’s too scary, I accept myself.

Even though I show how scared I am by peeing and pooping the bed and anywhere else, my mom still loves me.

Even though I think my mom is going to throw me away, she accepts me.

Even though I throw big hissy fits, my mom still loves me.
Even though I show my fear though anger, pee, poop, and being mean, my mom knows that it’s fear and accepts me anyway.

Even though I'm stressed to the max, I totally love and accept myself.

Even though I keep pushing my mom away, I will love and honor myself and she will love me too.

Even though I hate myself, today I will love and honor myself.

Even though I hate everyone that hurt me, I forgive them and I forgive myself.

Even though I feel like quitting, I love and accept myself.

Even though I don’t know how to show love, I'm a totally great kid.
Even though I might know in my heart that love is stronger than fear it’s hard for me sometimes.

I also recognize that love takes time.

Sometimes a lot of time.

Love doesn't happen overnight.

Sometimes it takes longer than others.

I'm clearing anything that might slow it down, even if it's me slowing it down.

Clearing the frustration

Clearing hopelessness

Clearing the pain

Because I've been doing the best I could

Based on my programming

and I'm clearing the programming that holds me back.

Including all this programming that says I should hurt, suffer and feel hopeless and frustrated

Sometimes I get angry, frustrated and resentful.

Sometimes I’m afraid my family hates me.

And that can be painful

I choose to clear the pain

Because it’s not doing me any good anyway.

I choose to feel good about myself.

Clearing the stuff that slows me down.

I'm acknowledging the progress that I am making

and letting go of guilt and shame so I can achieve more

I'm doing myself a favor and getting better in mind, body and spirit

I'm doing the best I can

I choose to honor myself.myself

I choose to appreciate myself

Even though I hate myself because I don’t know how to give love or receive love.

I choose to love myself anyway right where I am today.

I choose to let my mom take care of me and love me.

Because even if I can’t say it, I deserve love.

I'm allowing myself to feel good and to feel good about myself.

Clearing all things that don't feel good.

Doing what I need to do to make this difficult situation better.

and allowing myself to feel good in the process.

I deserve love and respect and I'm going to let my mom show me how.

Even though my mom might be mad at me, I know that she really does love me. 
The more I let my mom into my heart, the stronger I will feel.

Feeling better in mind, body and spirit

I'm allowing myself to be whole

I'm letting go of the guilt, the shame, the anger, the resentment.

I'm choosing to feel good about myself where I am right now.

Totally loving and accepting myself as I am right now.


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Thank you Jordan for sharing tapping to help other kids. You are truly very kind to make a video with your Mom that will benefit so many children.

Ranger said...

You two are amazing {} Thank you for teaching this together.

MammaT said...

Thank you Jordan for making these videos. Our kiddo was scared to do tapping and seeing another kid do it, made it feel better. You are SO BRAVE and I'm proud of you for letting us see your hard work!