Thursday, April 26, 2012

Even though I'm a hot mess...

For those of you who aren't attempting tapping, you can't stop reading now.  There's nothing new here that you want to hear.  Moving on to the next blog in your reader.........

Internalizing the affirmations of "I totally love and accept myself" is really difficult for a lot of us.  It's even harder for our kids.  That said, when you first start doing tapping if it's something that you absolutely cannot say....Don't. Say. It.  Start with external conditional affirmations first.

Even though I am a hot mess, I have great toenails.

Even though I'm struggling right now, I have cute eyelashes.

Even though I have stinking thinking, I like my fingers.

Even though I screwed up, I like my *whatever is external*.

You get the idea.  Gradually move into some internal affirmations.

The same things goes for our kids.  Their internal belief system is cracked and warped because they've been taught or they think that they're not good enough, they're bad, etc.  Don't expect them to be able to say unconditional affirmations until you think they are ready.  Then start with a couple during the tapping routine.  This will keep them from blowing it out when you first start doing it.  They can "hear" the external affirmations much easier.

Even though I have so many secrets, my mom loves me.

Even though I have so much fear, my mom accepts me.

Even though people in my past taught me not to believe in myself, my mom believes in me.

Even though I feel broken, I have great elbows.

Even though I'm scared to tell anyone how hurt I am, I have cute fingernails.

Get the idea????

If they are able to handle the personal affirmations, that is great!  BUT, if they can't hear it right now, start small and build on it.  Stay in tune with yourself and your child.  You'll know exactly what to do.

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