Monday, April 23, 2012


I wanted to clarify how the tele-seminar will work.  You will call the number, put in the access number and can mute your phone and just listen to everyone or un-mute and ask questions.  You can be completely anonymous and just listen if you would like.  Participate or's totally up to you.

Video will not be available but when Brad leads us through a tapping sequence he will be queuing you the places to tap.  If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at LisaAmos @

Sheri posted the following on a private forum.  I asked permission to quote her here and she graciously agreed.

"All right, all right you win. I was avoiding tapping because I am oppositional like that. (I have never ever read Pioneer Woman because everyone else does and I refuse - that is perhaps why I was punk rock in the 80s too!) So this was a bad week with dealing with Dustin's issues when he turns 18 and his horrendous behavior this week as well as some really crappy money issues. I was determined that my weekend would not start off in a pile of shit. (excuse the language) I was determined that I would get my head on straight and pull it out for the kids. So . . . I did it. I didn't want to, but I tapped for the first time. It totally calmed me down and turned my mood around. And as we all know, if mama is happy everything goes much smoother. Swear to goodness, I think I may be a believer. Thanks Lisa Amos for beating me over the head with it."

So all you folks that don't want to try it or are ahem....oppositional.  Whatever you do, DON'T TRY IT.  DO NOT.  Walk away now.  Besides it'll never work.  Of course it won't.  Tapping is just silly and I'm not jumping on any bandwagon and you can't make me.  So there.  Don't forget to close this screen before you  read all of it and absolutely don't forget to walk away in a huff while muttering under your breath. 


Then there is Ramblings of a Trauma Mamma blog post.  Oh my heavens!  Totally didn't see that one coming.  

On Sunday, I started getting texts from Trauma Mamma about mid-afternoon about what was going on at her house.  She told me she was going to blog it later in the evening because her son wanted her to post it.  The suspense was killing me but oh my goodness, it was worth the wait.

J at Stellar Parenting blogged about using it on herself here.  She's in the throes of adding another attachment challenged child to her household.  Go check her out and share some love.  She's my roomie in Orlando and she loves me enough to let her pat her in the middle of the night (because in my sleeping stupor, I think she's Puddin) and not slug me.  She's awesome like that!

Hold the phone....Sunday morning I got an email from Brenda McCreight.  The Brenda McCreight of The Adoption Counselor.  After my heart went pitter pat and then jumped in my throat, I actually got myself together reply.   She did an amazing blog post today on the power of tapping.  Healing....that's what we're doing.  My love of Cindy Bodie stretches far and wide so I was texting her to tell her I had an email from a rock star.  She laughed at me but she loves me and gets it.  On a day real soon you'll find me in Cindy's organic gardens happily teaching her tapping.  Be jealous!  Hanging with Cindy makes me very happy.


"Lil Ol' Me" said...

Just lost a long reply.
Struggling to find balance and describe accurately what the struggle I'm having with it is.

Lisa said...

Lil ol' me. That will probably be better so blogger won't eat your comment.