Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My to do and been there done that list....

Current therapies/happenings in the crazy house....
1. Therapeutic parenting daily (Nancy Thomas, Bryan Post, Dan Hughes, Katharine Leslie, Deborah Hage techniques) structure....structure....structure....
2. Sensory/cognitive integration therapy with (15 minutes twice daily) (J's sequential memory, speech, articulation, thought patterns & reasoning abilities have really improved with this program)
3. Neurofeedback (1 hour - 3 days a week cognitive therapy)
4. Home school 5 days a week with program. (Free in 17 states and they provide occupational and speech therapists who come to our home along with access to a certified teacher on call)
5. Weekly AT (2 hours sessions) with an awesome therapist who utilizes many different techniques including hypnosis and self-tapping (kind of like EMDR).
6. Biology of Behavior smoothie, coromegas & meds
7. Daily bonding activities
8. Lots of hugs
9. At least 3 activities a day that J considers fun.
10. At dinner we do J's gratitude list together. She names 10 things she's grateful for and I write them down (usually I am doing my list at the same time).
11. J puts on an imaginary "pink" suit every morning to hold all of the good things inside of her.
12. I "pour" (put my forehead to her forehead and make funny sounds for 30 seconds or so) pink love in her.
13. J looks inside and makes her fear really big then she taps in prescribed places (by AT) repeating that "Love is stronger than fear" to make her fear really small or non-existant.
14. Good Energy program (by AT) (fluffing her aura, scooping good energy into her head, etc.)
15. All night long J listens to a recorded hypnosis session by AT to help her stay calm during the night. Very soft and very soothing.

Whew! No wonder I'm tired....

Last summer included in the above was The Listening Program (2 times a day) but we weren't doing the Learning Breakthrough Program. Also, neurofeedback was daily....

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marythemom said...

You are so much a better Mom than I am! I can't handle my life already and we don't do any of that! You are my idol!