Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More drama

It turns out that J was fast & snappy yesterday morning because she was trying to hide pee.

While she was apologizing to Jessi for the day's indiscretions I told her to also apologize for peeing on the floor in the Reiki room. She told on herself. "I did that with you." I had suspected that but was shocked to hear her admit it. Told her that was fine. Wasn't a problem with me that she peed in that room because she had to smell it.

Patience went flying out the window. Not my proudest moment.

I let her hear me telling Daddy G that she had peed on the carpet. May have been mean but he should know. Told him we're not going to the lake this weekend because I don't want to risk her peeing on his carpet and he agreed.

Afterwards, she had to clean the carpet then wash out all the cleaning rags & her clothes outside in a bucket. Then I sent her to take a bath. She ate dinner, Chris came and did Reiki then she went straight to bed. I was still so mad I really didn't want to be around her. Now logically I know this is to be expected but it was straw on the proverbial camel's back. I think the onslaught of behaviors that are relentless each day is catching up with me and wearing me down.

The defiance is still over the top. Feeling like a really crappy mom.


Alyssa's Mom said...

You should know that you are not a crappy Mom! But you are human and sometimes even Super Mom reaches her limit!

Make sure you are recharging YOUR batteries! Even if you just treat yourself to something just for you(ice cream immediately comes to mind, I have a terrible addiction).

Stay strong and cut yourself some slack.

You are an AWESOME Mom, but you are human!


Kristina P. said...

It doesn't matter how much behaviors are expected. They are still tiring and draining.

In fact, I work with the County, and we provide adoption respite at our main campus. I work on the satellite one.

We had a mom call, with two adopted children she wanted to do respite. She had her daughter at the main one, and wanted to bring her son to ours. We don't do it because we aren't 24 hours.

After reviewing the files, I could see why. Those kids are tough! Expected or not!

Do you have respite available?

Tudu said...

I think when my kids decide to revisit old behaviors, I have less patience for them. I feel like we have crossed that bridge so we don't have to go back, not. I know they are temporary but it doesn't feel that way when you are living it. For me it is almost a panic that it will return full time.

Take a bunch of deep breaths until you pass out. Yep, that's all the advice I have. I think we are way past deep breathing to remain calm or get a grip. I hope this crap has a short stay planned.