Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Just a FYI....I am really sorry that I haven't been commenting much lately on other blogs. Trying to make a concerted effort to do better but it seems I'm really stuck in the trauma and PTSD at them moment. Analysis - paralysis. Hopefully we'll pull out of this soon. Thanks to all of you for being so faithful and so supportive, even when I'm a crappy, whiney mom.

Lynn, I know you're there and yes, you can call anytime. Any distractions are welcome anytime. I stink at picking up the phone to ask for help but I will answer it if it rings. See...still a dork. ;-) BTW...I still need your new email address...hint...hint....


Kristina P. said...

Lisa, you are too kind. I'm not posting today. Taking a break. Sometimes, a girl needs one, you know.

But here's a joke my five-year old nephew told me, to cheer you up.

Why was Tigger looking in the toilet?

He was looking for Pooh!!


marythemom said...

You are not a cr@ppy Mom! I am a Cr@ppy Mom! You may not have the title - it is mine. ALL MINE! Bwaa haa ha haa!

You may have the title Pee Princess if you prefer. I'm done with that one for now. (Pee Princess get jewels in their crowns everytime someone pays homage to them - I figure that is what J is doing right now - so smile when you get your presents!)

Sorry, the Pooh reference apparently triggered a potty moment - I wish I had a better excuse!

Anyway, big hugs! You are an AMAZING Mom! I wish you could be here today for my Mommy Business Executive Lunch. I would give you about a dozen hugs and tell you that this too shall pass (it will eventually - I promise!).



Torina said...

Since I can't give you the cure for RAD, how about this...tonight I will post a picture of my boys fake-farting on each other. Just. For. You. No matter how yucky things are, when six year old boys pretend to toot on each other, you can't help but laugh. That is, if you are into fart humor...

zachsmom said...

I found your blog thru torina and I have to tell you how brave you are. You are a wonderful mommy and one day your little j will be able to tell you that herself. Hang in there you both are worth it