Friday, October 3, 2008

Rattling - Edited

Yes Jill she was sound asleep in her bed and I totally believe you on the vases & books because I've seen a lot of things lately that most people would never believe unless they were there. Heck...I wouldn't believe it either.

Night out....not only am I going to see one movie...I am going to see two!!!! I've NEVER done that before. Connie suggested it because she's brilliant like that. My tired brain would've never come up with that idea. Hoping my squirmy self can sit still that long, then on the other hand, I'm hoping I don't fall asleep from exhaustion. The Women & Nights in Rodanthe here we come...

Tudu...I wish we lived closer cause I'd so give you a night off...Torina...I am going to try to figure out that follower business. I gave it a half-hearted look one day, got discouraged and quit so now I'm going to be more diligent. Awesome mom Gerri, God bless her, already figured it out and added me. Maybe you can give me some tips Gerri...wink...wink. CJ thanks for the shout out. I think that bonding time is soooo important even with the older kids (even with that thing I won't mention anymore cause I promised). I have to use winking games to get J to stay focused on my eyes. I wink once she winks once. I wink twice she winks twice and so on. Sometimes I tell her the story of how she came to be my daughter, other times I just tell her how much I love her and specific things that I love about her (her sense of humor, being stubborn ;-), her toes, etc.

Dreaming of 4:00.....

Look! I figured out that Follower business. That was easy....Now just hoping I have some more followers...hint...hint....looking for the warm fuzzies.....
Cool that people can follow anonymously too. Priscilla, Lynn, and you other cool people....that means you too ;-)


Tudu said...

My DH and I used to spend rainy days at the movies, just watching one after the other. Once, we didn't pay for the other ones. That was many years ago and I would never do it again, I promise.

As for the night out for me, I'll move closer. LOL

Kristina P. said...

Lisa, thanks for commenting. I'm glad I can make you smile. :)

I will definitely be following you, but I don't really love the whole follower thing. I haven't really figured it out.

But, you will be added to my Reader and blogroll!

Lynn said...

You can seem me? LOL

I've been thinking of you and get on here to make sure you're doing well.

I guess it would be easier to pick up the phone, but you seem so busy I'm not sure if it would be a welcome distraction or not. :)

I'm glad you're going to see a movie. I've been wanting to see The Women.

I need to get with you soon to talk about Reiki. I'm checking out a book at the library to read up on it first.

Oh, and I'm starting to get into Kundalini Yoga. I want to free up my chakras now, thanks to stuff you've written on here.

I love you.