Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pictures and a Sick Baby

Since I have no idea how to embed the slideshow click here. That is if you're interested.

Completely forgot to tell you that when we pulled into the FBO at Teterboro, it was swarming with Secret Servi*e. Interesting. Apparently an Ambassador was arriving shortly. This was my first trip ever to NYC that I didn't spot at least 2 famous people so I guess the SS will have to do.

J is down with a cold. 2nd time she's ever been sick. Last night she was still pooped and said she had a sore throat. This morning she woke up all croupy sounding. She had breakfast, a salt/soda bath then went back to bed. Slept all morning until I got her up for lunch! She has been a sweet little patient too.

Thanks to everyone for their help! I think photobucket is totally the bomb now! While J was sleeping I uploaded over 3 years of pictures! Yeah....I was really behind.


Hannah_Rae said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures! I still can't get over how much you did in such a short time. I would be pooped too!

I hope J feels better soon. :(



Jo said...

Love the pics! I like the ones of J and the frog the best. What is the deal with the one of her in front of window with what looks like a piece of burnt toast behind her? All in all that is a great record of the trips to end all trips.
I love photobucket too, glad it worked for you.

Rachie317 said...

Yay! Glad photobucket worked! The pics are great! I can't believe her cheeks aren't hurting from all that smiling! The one of J and you in front of the LOVE statue makes me tear up - so sweet!

Ashley said...

Hey Ms. Lisa!

Great to see some photos of your adventures.

I remember reading on other blogs that getting sick is a sign that the kiddo feels safe in your house, so I guess you can think about that wihle handing over the tissues and cough drops?



Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Hoping J is feeling well soon.

Jillene said...

I know this will sound strange but rub Vick's Vapor Rub on the bottoms of her feet and then put socks on. It does wonders!!

matryoshka said...

arrrgh!! The viral crud!!!! Hope she feels better soon :)

Alyssa's Mom said...

Oh my!

You have one happy girl!

It is so awesome to see that smile on her face and the smile in her eyes!


Linda B said...

I thought that looked like burnt toast too! Artistic minds? You have some awesome photos there. I can't believe how much sightseeing you got in in that amt of time. That's pretty cool. You have a beautiful family.