Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Spirit is Renewed.....

As always Serenity Weekend filled my cup to overflowing. I learned so many tools this weekend and I can't wait to put them into use. I was also reminded of many tools that I had forgotten especially the ones to replace having intimacy. Several of them I need to put back into practice. Two of them I need to do more often. Also, it used to be a common occurrence to strong (power) sit with J looking into each other’s eyes. In the midst of life I forgot to do this on a regular basis. It is really a connecting tool to gaze into the windows of the soul.

One of the tools was to record a tape (in my voice) of positive affirmations, lie down on the bed, close my eyes and listen to it with headphones several times a week. I am already playing a hypnosis CD from the therapist nightly for J but I think I am going to get her to do this too. It is supposed to be a really powerful tool for transformation. Maybe it will help J also. Certainly can’t hurt.

J made really great choices while I was gone. Chrissi and Jessi gave her many opportunities to hit the yucky pillow, blow up the black balloon and draw pictures of the yuckies, mads and sads that were racing around in her head while I was away. Apparently it worked! J told Chrissi Thursday night that Mom’s needed time with their friends too. How amazing is that?!!?!?!

I raced home without any rest/gas stops (only a slight detour) to be sure I had extra time with J before bedtime. A stop before leaving Seabrook meant that I brought home a tomato pie to cook for dinner. Threw it in the oven and put the baby girl in my lap to shower her with hugs and kisses from a mom that has been recharged and filled to the brim with love, acceptance and too many blessings to count.

Lisa’s Gratitude: (Be warned…it’s long today)
1. Priscilla (bonfire suggestion and too many others to count)
2. Bobby for the shield
3. Sandy for removing barriers to joy
4. Norman for the short list
5. Agnes for Serenity Prayer
6. Kathy and Sharon for laughter through the tears
7. Alice and Mary for kind, loving, healing spirits
8. Being alone is better than being lonely in a relationship
9. Bonfire embers blowing in the wind
10. Barbara Ann’s laughter and attitude
11. Nancy’s kind, sweet words of encouragement
12. David for willingness to change
13. An awesome daughter who made great choices while I was away and was so happy to see me.
14. The ninth circle of love, acceptance and honesty that is Serenity.
15. Awareness

(If you think this list was long you should see the one on paper!) :-)

J’s Gratitude:
1. Awesome Mom is home
2.Tomato pie for dinner
3. Mom rocking her
4. Making good choices
5. Jumping rope

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